KWC Faucets SIN Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Finding a good faucet is like finding an apartment in New York.

Sure, faucets are dime a dozen, but like apartments, most faucets smell, leak and are generally not worth the money.

Moreover, lousy faucets have the potential of ruining your precious furniture, fixtures, and flooring by leaking and overflowing all over the place.

But not all faucets are lousy, and as the KWC SIN shows, some of them are pretty great. So, if you’re still not convinced that it is the faucet to get, read our review to find out more.

So let’s get started!

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KWC Faucets Reviews 2022: Why buy this product?


kwc faucets reviewsThe trend these days seems to be to make things more and more complex. Phones are a great example, and so are cars (ever popped the hood?).

Thankfully, KWC keeps the design of the SIN simple yet classy, elegant and just modern enough for it to be tasteful. It features a snazzy HiArc design which is complemented by the thin stem and the spout.

For extreme minimalism, there is a single lever on the right side that controls all the functions of the faucet. It is an effective solution that reduces bulk and is easy on the eye. If you prefer, it can be installed on the left side.


The KWC SIN, unlike most washroom faucets and more like a kitchen faucet, features a spout that extends and pulls downward for maximum convenience and usability. It also features 2 modes of the spray: a light mode and a fully aerated stream. The former is called a needle spray whereas the latter is called “Neoperl cascade laminar stream”.

Moreover, the extendable spray can also be rotated by 360 degrees, meaning you can make it do one full turn if you wish!


Apart from the spout that extends, the KWC SIN features other tricks up its sleeve, which distinguish it from the overcrowded faucet market.

Firstly, it features an automatic diverter reset which means after extending the spout, you don’t need to worry about locking it in place and aligning it with the body. Just let the faucet do its thing!

Next, the faucet also sports jet clean technology, which means you do not need to hassle and bother with cleaning the tiny holes at the end of the hose. The KWC SIN takes care of this for you.

Lastly, the extendable hose is designed in such a manner that kids will have a hard time figuring out how to get it to extend, thus aiding safety. The faucet’s body features a discrete button which must be pressed in order to get the hose to extend, thus making it safe as well as cleaning up the design.

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The KWC SIN is finished in what KWC calls Splendure Stainless Steel, which is an amazing steel finish with a moderate level of sheen. This finish maintains the perfect balance of elegance and flashiness without being too garish.

Coupled with the design of the faucet, this finish is perfect for modern, airy washrooms with a lot of light, though it will look good everywhere!


KWC is a renowned manufacturer of bathroom fittings and enjoys a good reputation. It is based in Sweden, which explains the emphasis on minimalism and elegance over excessively ornate designs.

Swedish manufacturing is definitely going to attract buyers who might otherwise be put off by, say, Chinese manufacturing.

What could have been better?

While the finish that the KWC SIN comes with is amazing, we can’t help but wonder what the product would look like with a splash of bronze or nickel. Unfortunately, we’re going to be left wondering, as the SIN does not offer a choice between finishes.

KWC has built a reputation for itself for supplying consumers only with the finest quality products, but as of late, the quality of their products has become questionable. We’re sure that this is a temporary problem because our test unit was of the finest quality.

Moreover, KWC has done well to address the problems of the consumers who were left with poor quality units.



  • Elegant design looks crisp and modern
  • Extendable spray hose is very convenient
  • Finish is top-class
  • Swedish manufacturing



  • Comes in only one finish
  • Some users report poor quality


The KWC SIN is a great faucet that’s guaranteed to last for several years. It has a lot of amazing features and represents amazing value for money and we recommend buying it.

Happy washing!

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