Newport Brass Jacobean Kitchen Faucet Review

newport brass faucet reviewsThe faucet in the kitchen or a bath-space is what defines the style of the place.

But a good faucet is one which brings in an ideal blend of glamorous style and perfect functionality, in turn making the displeasing chore of washing dirty dishes a bit more, well, hopeful!

And one such brand that seemed to have nailed this precise requisite for all homeowners and kitchen-rulers is Newport Brass.

The faucets from Newport Brass are made with the highest degree of emphasis on style and incredible precision control that’s exhibited in a foolproof, functional design.

And one of the top-selling faucets from Newport Brass is the 2470-5103 Jacobean kitchen faucet with a metal lever and pull.

The overall design of this faucet reflects a fascinating blend of traditional and contemporary elements while superior engineering ensures the most reliable and flawless mechanism.

This is one faucet that exudes sheer style with the clear water that helps sparkle your dishes!

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Newport Brass Faucet Reviews 2022: Why buy this product?

Well, the day has gone when we could expect a decent and robust kitchen faucet which would go on for ages, delivering just fine. This was mainly because of the superior quality of the materials that went into making these excellent vintage faucets.

And this is also what most of these modern faucets lack.

However, when we tested the Newport Brass for ourselves, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that the mechanism of the faucet was absolutely grade-A in performance and quality.

And here are all the factors that make this faucet a winning model over many other ones out there in the market.

An entirely robust solid brass construction

So, first thing’s first, there is absolutely no match and competition when it comes to a brass faucet. Whoever remembers the marvelous bathroom and kitchen vintage brass faucets in their grandma’s house will know exactly what we’re talking about.

Brass faucets are extremely durable in every way, providing you with a formidable fixture structure along with a leak-proof performance. And this Newport Brass faucet seems to have killed it in this department by bringing up a solid brass form that possesses a modern satin nickel finish and design, complimenting every kitchen decor.

The best of both worlds? We think so too.

35 mm euro-motion ceramic valve cartridge

This Newport Brass faucet comes with a 35 mm ceramic valve cartridge employing the advanced euro-motion mechanism. This absolutely cuts out the chances of the faucet leaking or breaking during extensive use.

Since leaks could also cause bacterial infestation within and around the body of the faucet, this essential bit helps keep your water clean as well as conserving it by preventing dripping leaks.

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Convenient swivel spout assemblage

We can’t thank modern faucet technology enough for giving us pulldowns, and we couldn’t be more grateful to Newport Brass for giving us some exceptional designs for the same.

This particular model is a beautiful pulldown faucet that comes with swivel spout assemblage. This helps cover the maximum area while washing, helping you to clean up even the most hard-to-reach parts of the sink.

The pull-down spout ensures a completely satisfying washing experience by letting you conveniently switch between stream and spray modes whenever required.

Unique and advanced lever handle system

The model comes with a unique and incredibly amazing “independent rotation and pivoting” lever handle system that allows you to use the faucet with immense ease. This simplifies the tedious and boring task of washing dishes by getting the job done in no time at all!

The lever requires the least pressure to turn the faucet on, reducing pressure on the mechanism and the effort that goes into turning a traditional faucet head.

What could have been better?

The only thing about this kitchen faucet that we thought could use an upgrade was regarding its installation procedures. Installing this faucet could be tricky, and you can’t do it in an “above-the-counter” way.

Also, the finish on the product is not scratch or stain resistant, which is a bummer given the expensive tag it comes with.



  • Immensely durable owing to the solid brass faucet-body
  • Leak-proof ceramic valve-cartridge mechanism
  • Convenient swivel-spout system
  • “ADA compliant” design for metal lever handle
  • Stunning design that goes well with any surrounding



  • Installing this kitchen faucet could be a tedious procedure
  • Pretty expensive
  • Scratches and stains easily


Newport Brass is recognized for providing some of the finest faucet fixtures for a luxuriant living experience, delivering class with quality.

We hoped we were able to give you an insight into the workings of the brand and its products.

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