Emeril Forged Knife Block Set Reviews 2023

emeril stainless steel knife set reviewIt’s not every day that you come across a set of knives and go “wow, would you look at that?”

I mean, they’re knives for god’s sake; blades fixed to a handle for cutting and dicing stuff. What can be there to look at?

Well, the modern-day culinary industry is going leaps and bounds ahead to have the interior designer in me to fascinate about knives.

The kitchen knives of today have surprisingly become a benchmark of elegance and sophistication, around which you can design an entire kitchen to be perfectly honest.

And it was only recently that I came across an Emeril knife block set in my uncle’s restaurant which made me feel like, “I must have it.”

Which I actually went ahead and did, and well…

Here’s my review on it.

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Emeril Stainless Steel Knife Set Review 2023: What I loved

Before I get onto the review, let me first inform you that my uncle had the 15-piece block set from Emeril, while I went for the 9-piece.

He has a steak restaurant to run; so the extra knives come handy at his job, which for me, on the other hand, would have been rather excessive.

So, what did I like about them?

Celebrity Backing

emeril forged knife block set reviewsThe celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse extends his culinary excellence with this brand and series of knife block sets.

This celebrity backing is not something that I thought I’d like at first because these things generally tend to be a marketing gimmick, which sells a substandard product to popularize the brand name even further.

But I ultimately ended up being impressed with both the quality of the blade as well as some of the designer features.

The Handle

I know some people in my family (I am particularly thinking of my wife here) who do not like the overall design of the handle that these knives come with.

Made from Mahogany Micarta, the handles have a rather unique look about them, which when combined with resins and strands of fabric make it look a bit like wood.

This uniqueness of style and design is something not a lot of people will appreciate, but I feel that it’s this very thing that makes this knife set stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Micarta also helps in keeping the handle durable and long-lasting and significantly minimizes the risk of the blade coming loose even after years of use.

The Blade

The blades of the Emeril knives are indeed the primary selling point of the product.

They are made from high-carbon steel and are based on Wüsthof’s classic collection, but are made to be much sharper thanks to additional grinding and polishing.

My absolute favorite out of the set would be the 10-inch Super Slicer, which comes with a hollow-edge and is an amazing multi-purpose knife to have in the kitchen.

Balanced and Lightweight

When it comes to designing knives, what a lot of the manufacturers got wrong is that in their pursuit of sophistication, they often compromise on the balance.

Now, Emeril does everything right with the knife sets. Each of the models is not only well balanced but incredibly lightweight and easy to wield.

Knives with high-quality blades tend to be much heavier. But that’s not the case with the Emeril knives, and this fact alone is what makes this set so very popular today, among both professional and amateur chefs.

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Are there areas of improvement?

Now, what disappointed me the most about this set is the steak knives.

I felt that 3 of the steak knives were sharpened a bit too much near the tip, which in turn flattened the ribbed edges slightly, and compromised on the overall effectiveness of the blade.

This significantly reduces the sharpness of the knives, and going through tough meat with them can be an issue if you don’t have expert handling.

For an amateur like me, “steak night” became a bit of a chore.



  • Well balanced and lightweight knives that are perfect for any cutting task
  • The handle is uniquely designed and made to be very durable
  • High-carbon steel blades are designed around Wüsthof’s classic collection



  • The steak knives were a bit of a disappointment, but not a deal-breaker


For dicing, slicing, skinning or just plain cutting, the Emeril knives are capable of making the toughest of knife works look easy and fun. Designed to be the central highlight to your kitchen, this set of sophisticated knives are a must-have for any modern kitchen setting.

I hope that you enjoyed my review today.

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