Laguiole Set of 8 Steak Knives Forged Steel Blades Review

Even if you have been in the culinary field for some time now, you may still have not heard of Laguiole and their range of knives and cutlery sets.

They are quite underappreciated in today’s market, and not many people opt into them because of their lack of reviews and popularity.

The case would have been the same for me, if not for my chef uncle who recommended and asked me to give it a try.

And to be perfectly honest, even with all of my initial skepticism, when I finally did invest in the set, I was completely blown away by its sheer beauty and quality.

So, let’s take a closer look as to what makes Laguiole Steak Knives so very amazing.

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Laguiole Steak Knives Reviews 2022: Why go for this knife set?

Long Tradition and Heritage

laguiole steak knives reviewsOnce you have used the Laguiole knives, it’s going to be very hard to forget its distinctive style and design which is one of their main trademarks.

The original sets and style were made in the south of France, and were primarily modeled around the classical designs which boasted quality and ease of use over everything else.

The blades of the knives present in this set are uniquely pointed near the end and are stamped with the iconic Laguiole bee symbol which promises both durability and long-lasting quality.

Versatility and Performance

As it’s a set of 8 knives, you know that you will be getting a variety of uses out of them.

There is indeed a lot you can do with these blades, which makes them just perfect for both domestic and professional settings.

The micro-serrated edges of these knives make sure that the blade stays sharp for as long as possible, and can be re-sharpened without having to compromise on its overall quality.

They are made out of a durable stainless steel blade and provided with a very sturdy handle which is made out of pakka wood.

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Balance and Cutting Comfort

We all know how important balance is when it comes to knives.

Precision is important when it comes to tougher cutting jobs. The weight of the blade, grip and handle are integral in giving you the right amount of control to get perfect slices with every stroke.

Now, the center of gravity of Laguiole Steak Knives lies perfectly at the center, where the blade meets the handle.

This significantly improves the control that you have over your blade movements, which along with an incredible serrated edge will make the toughest of chopping jobs look effortless.

I used to have trouble getting accurate slices on radish or even getting the perfect cut out of my steak when I used the more standard knife models, but these Laguiole knives helped me achieve all of that rather well and without much hassle, if I may add.

Aesthetic Appeal

I was an interior designer before becoming a cutlery enthusiast, and the Laguiole knives are in my eyes, some of the most attractive models that one can hope to find.

Pakka wood handles give the knives that traditional yet modernistic feel, which will help them fit into any type of kitchen decor.

They have an amazing aesthetic appeal, and I won’t be lying if I said that they are bound to start a conversation in any type of social gathering that you may have.

Moreover, the handle will fit into your grip perfectly well and are designed to be moisture resistant to make it slip-proof and long-lasting at the same time.

What could have been better?

One thing that I have noticed about the Laguiole knives is that they are some of the lightest knives in the market.

Now, this can be advantageous to some; however, there are certain users who may find it odd if they have primarily used heavier blades in the kitchen.

The balance might seem rather off to them, but it’s nothing that one cannot get used to.

Additionally, these knives are suited more for making smaller, precision cuts. It’s not advisable to use them for heavy meat chopping jobs, as they will take an eternity to get the job done.



  • Unique blade and handle design which is modeled after traditional designs
  • Aesthetically appealing style, perfect for all types of kitchen settings
  • Durable, serrated edges that can go through the toughest of meat
  • Perfectly balanced for better gripping comfort and precision



  • The knives might be a bit too lightweight for some users
  • Better used for smaller cutting jobs than larger ones


The Laguiole Set of 8 Steak Knives is indeed some of the most unique sets of blade that you will find in the market today. With an incredible level of performance and beauty to boast, this set can indeed be the shining star of your modern kitchen.

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