IPT Sink Company Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Review

Shopping for a kitchen sink isn’t as enjoyable as shopping for clothes. Given the ample choices, it’s a pain in the butt even for a regular squat performing gym-goer. Frankly speaking, it may not seem polite to say this so plainly, but this review won’t do much to contribute to the fun factor. However, it will make your task of shopping easier than usual. You will know whether you should consider the product in question or not. By the way, my family has been using the IPT Sink Company Apron Front Stainless Steel Double Bowl Kitchen Sink for several months now, so we know what we are talking about. Therefore, we will answer the most commonly asked questions through this highly-requested product review.

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IPT Sink Reviews 2022

How Does the Product Look in Person

ipt sink company reviewsWe get asked a lot about this. Handcrafted from premium 304-stainless steel for utmost durability, the sink has a clean look to it. The satin finish is the icing on the cake factor. According to the makers, the sink should suit most style preference, from modern to traditional. We have to agree with the manufacturer’s claim over here because the product does look reasonably good in person. It has a neutral color to it to go well with most home decors without any fuss. In fact, my wife likes the sink so much that she doesn’t let dishes sit on it for too long. She cleans it easily without feeling like a slave to keep it well-maintained.

Is the Sink Deep Enough?

Frankly speaking, the sink is deep enough to accommodate the largest cookware in your kitchen. So, it won’t trigger a murky look on your face for not accommodating all your dirty utensils. That being said, the smaller side of the sink may not hold much content. However, its deep size will make up for the smaller circumference. Overall, the usable space of the IPT kitchen sink is sufficient for the job it’s supposed to do. At least, my wife never created a ruckus in the house yet for space problem.

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Is it Easy to Clean?

We have an ultra-busy household. From the knives to the pots, pans, and everything else in between, a lot of stuff get thrown in the sink almost every few hours since we usually cook for a larger group than most households. Fortunately, the sink is yet to witness scratches, and it’s a breeze to clean it up. We use regular soap and water to tidy this beauty of a kitchen sink. The little drain baskets do a wonderful job of catching the food particles that could go down the drain. This translates to fewer problems in the kitchen, so kudos to the drain hardware as well.

Can I Order It Online?

As you might already know, online shopping is the name of the game these days. As long as you are shopping from a reputable site, you shouldn’t worry about shopping online. Not to forget the fact that online shopping would be a cheap affair versus offline shopping. If you are worried about cosmetic damage during transit, be assured that the packaging on this product is top-notch. I have seen military items being prepped for air drops with such exemplary packaging as this item. So, you can expect zero item damage during transit. After scorching the web like crazy, we eventually got ours from Amazon without any hiccups.


  • Top-level soundproofing makes it less of a loud-mouth kitchen sink compared to the competition
  • The corrosion-resistant surface won’t offer protection from an earthquake, but it will prevent rust and oxidation
  • Great finish and round corners make the cleaning chore easier than stealing candy from an eight-year-old kid
  • To make the installation job easier than a pizza eating contest, all the mounting hardware is included


  • This sink is not for budget shoppers because the cost is a bit high for most needs
  • As with any other kitchen sink, the installation process can bring a frown on your face


We wouldn’t recommend anything that we wouldn’t buy for ourselves. As mentioned earlier, we have tried and tested this IPT Sink Company Apron Front Stainless Steel Double Bowl Kitchen Sink for several months. So, don’t be that person to judge us too quick because we know exactly how this product treats end-users. Given the fact that we are exceedingly happy with the item, we would highly recommend it to the tens and thousands of people reading this review on our site. If you have been looking hard and long for a replacement kitchen sink, you can take a leap of faith, and get this kitchen sink without missing a heartbeat.

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