Jetcoat Shower Wall System Reviews 2022

Easy to install showering kits are not all that easy to find.

We often find most of the models in the market to be quite hard to put together and at times, impossible to install without professional aid.

And to make things messier, many of the tiled sets come with grout, which makes the whole process unnecessarily complicated and a difficult chore that no DIY-er would like to take up.

But the Foremost GFS424278-QU Jetcoat Shower Wall Kit is famous for its ease of installation.

It’s a grout-free solution to all your shower remodeling needs. We had recently put it to the test, and we just love how well it sits with the surrounding bathroom interior.

It is a much better alternative to the traditional tiled sets and we highly recommend that you go for this if you’re planning a bathroom remodeling in the near future.

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Foremost Jetcoat Eeviews 2022: Why can it be the perfect pick for you?

Incredibly Easy to Install

jetcoat shower wall system reviewsWith the Foremost Jetcoat, you will finally be able to say goodbye to messy, mortar grout, which usually plagues the more standard shower tile sets.

This significantly cuts down the installation time for us and made it a rather fun DIY project.

We were able to measure, cut, and adhere the Jetcoat to the bathroom walls within just a few hours.

The walls needed only 24 hours to be cured and were soon ready to use for all showering needs.

Durable and Long-Lasting

The more standard shower wall kits are not known for their durability and long-lasting nature; they are quite prone to damage, staining as well as corrosion.

However, the Jetcoat comes with ultra-durable premium finishes and three different configurations which allows the set to have multiple layers of UV protection to reduce the risks of staining and corrosion.

Discoloration over time is also one issue that shower walls are prone to. The prolonged contact with moisture and water splash reacts with the walls and compromises their shine and appeal.

The Jetcoat is resistant to physical damage and impact as well. It’s constructed out of an SPC rigid core board, which is a composite of natural marble powder and PVC powder.

This provides the kit with a lot of durability and long-lasting shine while being environment-friendly at the same time.

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Fantastic Customizable Options

jetcoat shower wall reviewsEase of installation is not the only thing that we love about this Foremost Jetcoat Shower Wall Kit.

It comes with a variety of customizable options which allowed us to design the showering area in whichever way possible.

If you are going for a minimalist yet sophisticated bathroom space, then the variety of configurations that the kit comes in can surely help you out.

Measuring and cutting out the wall is incredibly easy as well, and aligning the panels will feel like a breeze.

The Jetcoat trademarked “easy angle” and “lock system” made aligning the back wall panels effortless, while its seamless finish gave it that much-needed charm and sophistication.

The shine and texture of the Jetcoat walls are pretty hard to beat, and with the customizable options, the kit is versatile enough to fit into any bathroom space.

What could have been better?

Although an amazing shower wall kit, the Jetcoat is not the most affordable set in the market.

The vast array of features and customizable options comes at a much steeper price than most standard shower kits.

The higher price tag is what puts off the more average customers who’re looking for an affordable option to remodel their shower area.

This is one of the major reasons why this kit is not all that popular in suburban homes.

But this is not exactly a deal-breaker, and with the features it offers, we believe that it’s worth every penny of its price tag.



  • One of the easiest to install showering kits in the market
  • A grout-free solution to every bathroom remodeling work
  • Aesthetically pleasing and has amazing customizable options
  • Durable with long-lasting shine and texture



  • A more expensive option, and maybe out of budget for many

Final Thoughts

High customizability and ease of installation hardly ever go hand in hand with standard shower wall kits, but Foremost Jetcoat strikes the perfect balance between the two and provides a model that is as durable as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Though a bit expensive, the Jetcoat can be the perfect choice for any shower remodeling endeavor.

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