Dekor Sinks 31000UM Richfield Cast Acrylic Single Bowl Undermount Utility Sink Review

If you have browsed around our site a bit, you probably know that we often review great value-for-money sinks that come with a surprisingly cheap price tag while still being a great product overall.

However, we think that the Dekor Sinks 31000UM is our best find so far, especially when it comes to utility sinks. For the price it’s being sold at right now, the value it offers is just insane.

Learn why are we so in love with this product, and you will probably be too by the time you’re done reading this review.

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Unbelievably Cheap

It’s probably the cheapest utility sinks we have come across so far. But that’s not why we are reviewing it.

The fact is that despite being super cheap, it gives a run to some of the much more expensive utility sinks on the market a run for their money. There’s no compromise on the quality or the durability, which you can tell from the glowing customer reviews it has gotten so far.

Sure, it isn’t a very popular product from a very well-known brand, but that doesn’t take anything away from the value it offers. In fact, a great way of getting the most out of your money is going with a lesser known brand that’s new but reliable, and we believe Dekor Sinks is exactly that.

Surprisingly Strong

We don’t blame you if you thought the Dekor Sinks 31000UM might not turn out to be a very durable sink after checking out its price. Some of the other customers thought the same, too.

But to everyone’s surprise, it came out well beyond durable, which is again something the customer reviews clearly tell you. In fact, a particular customer mentioned in their review that they have been doing a lot of demanding cleaning ranging from paintbrush cleaning to wood staining to laundry soaking and clothes drying, and it has honored their demands just as well every single time.

Now, that’s quite a lot of abuse for a sink in this price range. But the 31000UM is made using cast acrylic, which is a unique and lightweight but very durable material.

Easy to Maintain

Many utility sinks – especially the cheaper ones made using low quality cast iron or a similar material – can be a hassle to clean and maintain. Not the 31000UM.

The uniqueness of the cast acrylic isn’t just limited to the durability, but the ease of maintenance as well. After doing a lot of demanding cleaning, all you need to do is wipe it using a good cleaning agent and it will go back to looking just as good as a new one.

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Uncompromised Functionality

We are just as surprised as you to find such an all-around product at such a dirt-cheap price. Apart from what we discussed above, the Dekor Sinks 31000UM is surprisingly functional as well.

It’s very deep, which makes it a lot more useful than the typical kitchen sinks. In fact, it ranks right among the best of utility sinks as far as the functionality is concerned, but fortunately for you, without the hefty price tag.

Looks Great

The sink actually looks much better than in the picture. The cast acrylic’s uniqueness, coupled with the sink’s great design and style, makes it look like some of those premium utility sinks that cost several times more than this little beauty.

This is something important to take into consideration as well, as many utility sinks at this price point are far from appealing or attractive.


The cast acrylic is not only a durable and attractive material but also very lightweight. And so the 31000UM weighs significantly less than most other utility sinks out there.

This adds to its functionality and ease of use, as well as making the installation a breeze, which is often a daunting process with many other similar products.


  • Unbelievable price despite the sink being a great all-around product
  • Made using cast acrylic which is a lightweight but very durable material
  • Very functional and easy to clean
  • Looks as attractive as some of the premium utility sinks that cost far more than the 31000UM
  • The 31000UM is also a very lightweight utility sink, but without a lowered durability


  • A customer said they get a weird smell from the sink (but it’s not very strong), so maybe you would want to air it out a bit to avoid that

An Absolute Steal

If you’re on a very tight budget but are after a durable, functional and beautiful utility sink, then what are you waiting for? The Dekor Sinks 31000UM is exactly the product you’re looking for, and you would want to get it before it goes out of stock.

For everything that it offers with no major downsides, the price is an absolute steal.

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