Blanco Precis Equal Double Bowl Sink Review

If you are in the market for a new kitchen sink, you have to know that the granite sinks are becoming more and more popular, while the ceramic sinks and the stainless steel ones are losing more and more ground in front of them. The granite composite is a great choice for the kitchen sinks and there are many reasons that will convince you. They are very modern looking, stylish and beautiful, and they are very practical as well. They will grant you many years without scratches, chips or stains. However, before making such an important purchase, you have to know all the details such as their features, the pros and the cons, and you can find out everything about the Blanco Precis here.

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It has two equal bowls for great accessibility

This sink is great if you have a big family and you always have to wash a lot of dishes. The two bowls are equal and this is a great feature because you will have enough space to wash the dishes, as well as fruit and vegetables.

It is designed for a smaller cabinet

This sink is dedicated for the smaller kitchens, or if you are shorter because the depth of the sink is just 8 inch. It is a good choice if you need more free space underneath or if you are shorter and you have to install the sink lower.


  • The material is resistant, it will never chip
  • It is scratch-free and stain-free, nothing will ever deteriorate its surface
  • It is very easy to clean it, you can wash away every spot with water and when it dries, there will be no water stains
  • It comes in beautiful natural colors, there is a color for every kitchen: Anthracite, biscotti, café brown, white, biscuit and gray
  • It is perfect for smaller cabinets and if you want to save the space underneath the sink and use it as storage space


  • It is great to have some extra space underneath the sink, but this can be a disadvantage when you do the dishes because you might not have enough depth and the water can splash sometimes
  • Remember that the granite is a natural stone and it is matte, you cannot find this sink with a shiny finish


All in all, the Blanco Precis sink is a great choice in many cases. If you love a natural but modern look, choose this granite composite sink and you will be satisfied. You will have it for a lifetime and it will look the same as on the day you bought it. No stains, no cracks, no chips, you don’t need special products to clean it and it goes with every interior. The granite composite sinks are the best choice if you decide to remodel your kitchen and you will never regret this decision.

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