Elkay ELXHU3322 Quartz Luxe Offset Double Bowl Undermount Sink Review

elkay quartz luxe sink reviewsIt’s not all that easy to select the right sink model for your kitchen.

While some models are incredibly functional, they lack that sophisticated appeal in their design, and while the rest might look sophisticated, they don’t function as well as intended.

However, there is one such model from Elkay that along with being amazing to look at, boasts a wide range of functional and easy to use features, making them a must-have for every modern-day kitchen.

The  ELXHU3322 Quartz Luxe is a fantastic kitchen sink that has been growing in popularity ever since it hit the market.

It will help you add a pop of color to your otherwise bland kitchen and make kitchen chores all the more inviting and exciting to do.

Its bold hues and deep color (you can choose from deep red, warm brown, and classic black) can truly make it the centerpiece to any kitchen setting.

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Elkay Quartz Luxe Sink Reviews 2022: Why do we recommend it so highly?

The Design

The Elkay ELXHU 3322 Quartz Luxe is all about making a statement, and adding that much needed sophisticated touch to your modern kitchen.

The Quartz Luke kitchen and bar composite are constructed through a particularly different manufacturing process, which is quite exclusive to Elkay.

The manufacturer combines natural quartz with high-performance, UV-stable acrylic resins that make the sink amazingly durable. It will have a hard time fading, be very resistant to cracks and chips, and will be able to hold on to its luster for long.

The color of the sink is very vibrant, to say the least. It comes in three different colors of deep red, warm brown and classic black and are fade-resistant, so it will hold on to its gloss no matter how much rough use you put it through.


When it comes to practicality and all the functional aspects, this Elkay sink is going to be one of the best in the current market.

It has a “Perfect Drain” feature that eliminates the gap around the drain for a cleaner sink design, to make using it all the more convenient.

The sink is incredibly durable as well. As the organic fibers are molded into the sink for added impact resistance, the Elkay sink is made highly chip resistant and will not form cracks all that easily.

There is additional support from the patented fiberglass webbing as well, which is molded onto the underside of the sink. It reinforces the work zone and prevents certain problems like leakage and water overflow by not allowing the drain to get clogged no matter what.


The Elkay ELXHU3322 Quartz Luxe is one of the easier to clean and use kitchen sinks out there. Quartz is a very silky and nonporous material by nature, and that’s precisely why it’s so very convenient to clean with a damp cloth and soapy water.

It has an amazing noise-absorbing capability as well. Quartz is a much thicker material that absorbs the noise when you are working at the sink, making it ideal for homes which have noise-sensitive residents.

The quartz surface is also stain and smudge resistant. Food and even beverages will not stick or stain the surface, and hence prevent bacteria from spreading.

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Where does the Elkay ELXHU3322 Quartz Luxe disappoint?

When it comes to the cons, we would like to begin with the overall pattern variation of quartz.

Composite quartz sink is not the same as solid quartz stone sinks and is hence unable to deliver the same variation in pattern as well as shine.

Moreover, quartz sink can be merciless on the more fragile china that you have around the house. The organic fiber molding makes the sink surface very hard, and dropped plates can be shattered in moments if you’re not careful as to how you are placing the dishes inside the sink.


  • One of the more durable sink models out there
  • Fiber molding makes it crack and scratch-resistant
  • Permanent color hue helps the sink hold on to its luster for long
  • Highly functional design, easy to use, and clean


  • Composite quartz doesn’t have the same lustrous shine as solid quartz
  • The harder surface can break fragile plates when dropped

Final Thoughts

When it comes to style, durability, and overall functionality, not many sink models will be able to provide what the Elkay ELXHU3322 Quartz Luxe brings to the kitchen.

It’s a very popular sink from the brand that we believe to be a must-have for both modern and domestic kitchens.

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