Houzer CTR-1700 Contempo Series Undermount Bar/Prep Sink Review

Finding a kitchen sink that is a perfect blend of utility and unobtrusive, versatile aesthetic appeal may seem like an impossibility.

But we’re here to convince you otherwise, as we have brought along with us a user review on one of the best the kitchen sink the industry has to offer.

The Houzer line of kitchen sinks are known for their extreme durability, classic stainless steel builds with modern designs. And the Contempo series is the latest in their oeuvre.

With amazingly long lasting features, noise and thermal insulation, the Houzer Contempo can fit into any kitchen decor effortlessly, and offer its users a fantastic kitchen sink experience.

As one of the more popular go-to for homeowners, it has been able to fulfill the kitchen needs for many. And we hope it can satisfy your sink issues as well.

So, without further delay, let’s dive in.

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What makes the Houzer Contempo Zero-Radius Undermount Sink so unique?


The Contempo Zero-Radius Undermount Sink from Houzer is one of the most durable single-bowl sinks in the market today. It has the ability to make preparation work and cleanup tasks quick and quiet while providing an amazing kitchen sink experience.

With premium grade stainless steel and square corners it delivers a humble aesthetic appeal that does not fade quickly over time. And the Houzer’s Super-Silencer Pad and MegaShield Insulation combine together to ensure fantastic noise cancellation and heat insulation.

Now let’s take an in-depth look at some of its standout features.

Versatile and Attractive design that suits any decor

Houzer takes an age-old concept of ‘stainless steel sink’ and gives it a modern touch, which is versatile enough to fit into any decor. May it be from Zen to art decor to contemporary urban spaces, the Houzer seamlessly matches its surroundings and gives it a brighter touch.

Featuring a sleek zero-radius ledge and bottom, this sink comes with 90-degree corners for a contemporary look that will remind any homeowner of professional restaurant sinks. And with a 10-inch depth, it provides ample workspace, while at the same time it is able to fit into a 24-inch sink base.

The brushed-satin rear-set drain comes with a 3-1/2-inch drain opening that adds much to the sink’s contemporary design. Its aesthetic appeal is further heightened with the undermount sink that sits entirely below the countertop for a much more sleek finish.

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The durability of steel

The Houzer is one of the best when it comes to durability and damage resistance. This 18-gauge model is made from type-304 stainless steel, which is an ideal combination of nickel and chrome.

This unique core material not only keeps the sink resistant to corrosion, stains, and dents but keeps the surface hygienic and bacteria-free as well. And you will be able to preserve its new-like look with minimal care and maintenance for years to come.

Noise Proof and Thermally Insulated

All Houzer sinks come with a Super-Silencer pad made of natural rubber, and the Contempo single-bowl is no exception to that fact. This pad effectively reduces the noise of clattering dishes and running water making it ideal for noise sensitive people and houses with sleeping babies.

Additionally, the sink is well insulated and keeps the dishwater hot due to the presence of MegaShield Insulation added to its coating. This trademark feature will help you have a more comfortable rinsing experience than most sinks can provide.

What was the misstep from Houzer when it came to the Contempo Kitchen Sink?

A stainless steel core may have a lot of advantages, but it comes with its own set of flaws as well. Stainless steel is prone to water stains and fingerprint marks if not dried out completely, and it becomes more noticeable as time passes.

While stainless steel is ideal for the kitchen setting and can match any kitchen decor, its silver-like feel may dampen the color of your bathroom. It’s not suitable for the washroom setting.


  • Super-Silencer pad keeps the sink noise proof
  • MegaShield Insulation keeps the water warm for long
  • Stainless Steel body imparts fantastic durability
  • Unique versatile design suits every kitchen decor


  • Prone to water stains and fingerprint marks
  • Might dampen the color of your bathroom

To Conclude

Houzer Contempo is an ideal way of personalizing your kitchen interiors. Its versatile range of both urban and classic designs will complement both your home and your lifestyle, and is sure to be a success at any social gathering.

This high-class yet affordable sink was able to tick all the boxes on our checklist, and we hope it can do the same for you.

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