Swanstone KS03322SB Solid Surface Kitchen Sink Review

The Swanstone KS03322SB is another great sink from Swanstone that you can’t go wrong with. It’s priced fairly low given the kind of features and functionality it brings to the table.

So unless you’re probably looking for a stainless steel sink or an overmount sink (the KS03322SB is an undermount sink), you would want to stick around as we review the Swanstone KS03322SB in detail and tell you everything you need to know to figure out whether it’s a great fit for your kitchen or not.

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Solid Durable Surface

This Swanstone sink is an authentic solid surface sink that will refuse to take any kind of wear. The seller also mentions that it’s “renewable,” meaning that even if it’s subjected to rough use it will kind of renew itself to look just as good as new.

It’s also one of the few kitchen sinks in this price range that will truly turn out to be resistant to heat, and not get damaged in any way when you put hot pots or boiling water in it.

There will also be no chips or cracks on it even after a long period of regular use, provided you’re just a bit careful with the way you use it.

Stylish Design

The Swanstone KS03322SB doesn’t come in the same boring design many sinks in this price range do. It has a unique shape and style, and that helps it stand out from most other sinks at this price point.

But the best thing about its attractiveness is that – unlike many other budget sinks – it lasts! A customer mentioned in their review that even after a year of regular use, their Swanstone KS03322SB still looks exactly how it did when they first installed it.

This is thanks to the “renewal” surface of the sink that we talked about above.

Resistant to Staining and Scratching

The same customer above said in their review that they were a little concerned about the sink getting stains when they bought it. However, after a year of use, there isn’t a single stain to be seen.

You may have to use a good cleaning product though to ensure it never gets stains, but make sure it’s free of any abrasives. If you put in this extra bit of effort when cleaning the sink, it will be just as bright and attractive as a new one.

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Can Hold a Lot of Stuff

It can be a bit of a challenge to find a sink at this price point that turns out to be a good option in every department. The ones that look great and are fairly resistant to staining and scratching often don’t come with a very large working area, making it difficult to do your usual work, especially when there are a lot of dishes to wash.

However, the Swanstone KS03322SB is also pretty large, and can easily hold a lot of dishes and other utensils. In fact, it holds almost twice as many dishes as a dishwasher, so your work will certainly get a lot easier, while also making your kitchen look way cleaner and much more organized.

Fairly Easy to Install

If you have installed a solid surface sink before, you will be pleased with the KS03322SB’s installation. We didn’t come across any customer that said they had to seek a plumber’s help to install this sink; it seems that they all did it themselves.

Sure, it can take anywhere from a few hours to a day, depending on the other requirements and whether you have worked on anything similar before or not, but it’s not going to be very difficult. This is because it’s very lightweight, making it easier for you to make any kind of alterations that you want.


  • Made using a very durable material and can stay in the same new-ish condition for a long time to come
  • Looks unique and stylish – much better than most sinks you would find in this price range
  • It doesn’t get scratches or stains, especially if you use a good cleaning agent that doesn’t contain any abrasives to clean it
  • Comes with a non-porous surface, which would make the maintenance a breeze
  • Very large and would allow you to put a lot of dishes and utensils at the same time while still having a lot of space to wash them comfortably
  • Much easier to install than many other solid surface sinks


  • It CAN get scratches if you’re too rough with using it, especially such as subjecting the surface to very sharp objects frequently

A Winner All the Way!

Honestly, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the Swanstone KS03322SB. It turns out to be a winner in pretty much every aspect. On top of that, it also doesn’t get stains or scratches (given you’rreasonablyle careful to prevent them), which is very rare to come by at this price.

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