Swanstone QZLS-3322 Drop-In Large/Small Bowl Kitchen Sink Review

In a sea of products that are priced with the “you get what you pay for” saying in mind, a few gems like the Swanstone QZLS-3322 don’t have to do much to stand out. The Swanstone QZLS-3322, in particular, is one of the best value buys on the market as far as kitchen sinks are concerned.

It’s made using one of the most versatile, durable and aesthetically appealing material ever used in making kitchen products, and it offers the kind of functionality and ease of use that may give the premium and high end sinks quite a run for their money. With that said, we will now get to what exactly makes us say that and why you would want to buy the Swanstone QZLS-3322 in a heartbeat, especially if you’re on a budget.

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Offers a Lot of Flexibility

The first thing we would like to highlight about the Swanstone QZLS-3322 is that it’s flexible enough to meet the needs of different types of buyers. It can be installed both as an undermount sink and a drop-in sink. This means that regardless of the type of sink your kitchen needs and your preferences, the Swanstone QZLS-3322 wouldn’t disappoint.

Similarly, no matter whether you’re buying a new sink as part of your kitchen remodeling or building a new one, the Swanstone QZLS-3322 is going to be a solid option due to the kind of flexibility it offers. It would have no problem enhancing the look of any type of kitchen, thanks to its modern yet unique design.

Low on Maintenance

The problem with any sink that offers more on the flexibility and functionality front is higher maintenance. You have to spend a lot of time cleaning it regularly in order to prevent stains and other similar issues.

However, since Swanstone sinks are made of 80% natural quartz stone, they are surprisingly low on maintenance. The Swanstone QZLS-3322 comes with clean lines and organic curves that not only adds to the natural appeal of granite but also makes it pleasantly easy to clean the sink.

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Amazingly Functional

When it comes to functionality, the granite kitchen sinks are hard to beat, to say the least. Granite is known for its versatility and functionality, and that totally reflects the huge variety of features the Swanstone QZLS-3322 comes with.

It’s one of the few sinks on the market that offers a unique combination of sophistication and functionality, which is certainly a steal for the price it’s being sold at. Now, to be a little more specific here, the Swanstone QZLS-3322 can easily be cleaned with soap and water. No extra expensive cleaning accessories needed, which is often an important requirement with many stainless steel sinks in order to keep them looking good.

However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The kind of functionality the Swanstone QZLS-3322 boasts would blow you away, especially given that you wouldn’t expect anything like that at this price point.

You just wouldn’t see any kind of stains on the Swanstone QZLS-3322, except for the occasional water marks, which you can easily get rid of using vinegar. This is a result of the 80% natural granite that goes into making this masterpiece.

Coming to the design, the unusual shape and design of the Swanstone QZLS-3322 may look unique and attractive, but at the same time it may also seem like it would lead to some functionality issues when using the sink. If you’re thinking anything along those lines, you’re in for a surprise.

That’s because although it’s not an old-fashioned equal side sink, its smaller side works great as a disposal area for the scrap stuff. This makes it a lot easier to simply focus on the main cleaning work and not have to bother with the scrap every now and then.

Similarly, the center that divides the sink is smaller than both the sides. This is actually a part of the clever design the Swanstone QZLS-3322 sports, as it allows the users to put large items on top of the divider in such a way that it can soak on both sides without overflowing any of the sides.

Also, the shallower disposal is not very deep as it just doesn’t have to be, which means that you will be left with more space on that side. However, the other, bigger side is very large and deep and offers great volume. This will make it conveniently easy for you to do your usual work, and you will actually find yourself spending less time doing it due to better efficiency.

If you have used a stainless steel or cast iron sink, using this granite beast will be a pleasant change. This is because it’s a lot easier on the dishes, and produces little to no noise when compared to its metal counterparts.

There’s a customer that said that they didn’t have a dishwasher which makes the sink all the more important. And they have been using the Swanstone QZLS-3322 for a year now and they still appreciate the cleaning experience it offers every time they use it.

They also add that while the smaller area works great for disposing of scrap, it also makes cleaning big pans a breeze. The big pans not only easily fit in, but the smaller side also supports them in just the right way so that you have an extremely easy access to the right ergonomic height that you can easily and quickly clean without having to deal with the usual hassle that cleaning big pans usually comes with.

Virtually Indestructible

The manufacturer proudly claims that the Swanstone QZLS-3322 is virtually indestructible, and honestly speaking we probably can’t challenge that claim. The granite stone it’s made of is incredibly durable, and you would likely be hard-pressed to damage it in any way, shape or form even if you try to do it intentionally.

It should easily be able to withstand rough kitchen use, and you wouldn’t have to be extremely careful using it as you’re required to when using some of those premium sinks out there.

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