Gridmann 3 Compartment NSF Commercial Underbar Sink Review

Gridmann, as a brand, seems to be hard to beat when it comes to offering quality, commercial-grade kitchen sinks at unbelievably low prices. They are really a great choice for pretty much everyone looking to get the most bang out of their buck while being on a very limited budget.

With that said, we will be reviewing the Gridmann 3 Underbar Commercial sink in this article, which is priced surprisingly affordable especially given that it comes with 3 compartments.

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Gets the Job Done!

If you take a quick look at the reviews this product received, you will see that pretty much everyone seems to say that it simply gets the job done. Sure, it doesn’t have all those bells and whistles that the much more expensive, high-end commercial kitchen sinks tend to come with, but it’s great at what it does.

Most customers buying this know they are on a budget and would want to focus on getting something functional and long-lasting, instead of trying to gamble with a product from an unknown brand just to get a few “fancy” features and risk ending up with quality and functionality issues.

Many customers say the Gridmann 3 turned out to be exactly what they expected and wanted, which simply means that the claims the manufacturer makes on the sales page are true and unlike some other products in this price range, you do get what you’re promised.

Great for a Small Space

Although the Gridmann 3 is truly a commercial kitchen sink, it’s not going to eat up all your space. This is actually something worth taking into consideration, as it’s a typical issue associated with commercial sinks.

Many of them end up taking much more space than you would like, and can hence be something worrying for new commercial settings that are usually short on space.

You will probably get a relieving feeling when you’re done installing the Gridmann 3, though, as it doesn’t take much more space than a large non-commercial sink would do. However, this also means that it may turn out to be a little on the smaller side for large commercial settings, so that’s something to keep in mind as well.

NSF Certified and Meets Health Department’s Requirements

If you think you need to spend big bucks to meet all those demanding requirements of the health department for a commercial kitchen sink, think again. If you have somehow stumbled upon this review, you now know that there’s a budget commercial kitchen sink called Gridmann 3 that will have no problem taking care of all the requirements of the health department.

Similarly, it’s also NSF certified, meaning that it has met stringent requirements to be approved as safe for public health and is capable of handling heavy-duty use.

Sturdy Construction

While it’s not that there no other commercial sinks in this price range, the problem is that their build quality can be a major concern. Some of them may have legs that wobble and are very thin. Some of them get dented rather easily, making them far from an ideal choice for commercial settings with high-volume washing. Then there may also be some products that just won’t hold up well over time, and you obviously wouldn’t want to go replacing kitchen sinks every year or so.

That all said, the Gridmann 3 boasts a solid, sturdy construction all-around. Although of course, it’s not the most durable thing you can buy out there, but its incredibly hard to beat in this price range.

It’s made of 16-gauge and 18-gauge stainless steel, and the legs are fairly thick and will easily support the weight of the things you put on it.

Finally, the 3 compartments make it significantly easier to have a convenient, comfortable washing experience and goes a long way in helping keep things organized.

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