Mustee 28F Big Tub Utilatub Laundry Tub Review

Mustee offers quite a few options in the affordable laundry tubs segment. However, the good thing about its products is that they usually don’t come with a major compromise on any of the important fronts, despite their price being on the lower side.

And the same goes for the Mustee 28F Big Tub Utilatub laundry tub. It’s really hard to beat in this price range, thanks to being a great all-around product.

Let’s understand its important features in more details below.

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A Complete Product

If you have been researching different laundry tubs, you likely know how hard it is to find one that’s a complete product and doesn’t leave much to be desired. Many laundry tubs are either made of a low-quality material, have wobbly legs, or just aren’t durable enough to withstand the kind of use they will be subjected to for a long period of time.

And this is why we think the Mustee 28F Big Tub Utilatub is a complete product. The material used to make it is “impact-resistance” polypropylene, which means you can expect to not encounter any quality or durability issues. The impact resistance is something important to note here, as it would help to prevent the tub from having vibrations when you’re putting a lot of weight into it quickly.

Then there are the heavy gauge steel legs, which means that whatever weight you put into the tub will be well-supported. This is something hard to come by with laundry tubs, as many of them come with flimsy, cheaply built legs.

Big, Stable Tub

The Mustee 28F being a single bowl tub is just HUGE. Customers mention in their reviews how they are pleased with the tub being so big.

This allows the customers to use it for washing pretty much everything, ranging from the bulky things lying around in their basement that used to be a hassle to wash before, to kids, dogs and more, comfortably and easily.

A particular customer talked about using this tub for bathing their kids, and that it can accommodate their bigger toys as well. This is something that greatly improves the overall functionality of the tub.

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Super Functional

We just mentioned how the Mustee 28F being a big single bowl tub greatly adds to its overall functionality, but there’s actually a lot more to it. First of all, there are adjustable levelers that ensure that no matter your height, you wouldn’t have to break your back due to having to bend down when using the tub, or having to stand too straight for long.

The tub is resistant to damaging elements like mold and mildew. Its color won’t fade away with time, and its white finish would stand the test of time as well, thanks to it being stain-resistant. This translates to both a higher level of functionality and retaining a great look for years to come.

But that’s not all. There’s also a generously-sized self-draining back shelf, which is designed to help direct water run-off into the tub.

Another couple of functionality features that didn’t fail to impress us include:

  • The tub doesn’t come with any hole for the faucet, allowing you to drill one based on your needs, paving the way for a better experience
  • There’s an area in the tub that’s specifically designed for keeping soap or bottles.

Easy to Install

Some laundry tubs that are as large as the Mustee 28F can be a challenge to install. However, the 28F is surprisingly easy to assemble and install, and most customers would certainly be pleased with it.


  • The Mustee 28F leaves little to be desired in any of the important aspects, making it one of the most all-around laundry tubs on the market
  • Offers a huge working area, allowing you to use it in whatever way you want to, without having to worry about the space restrictions
  • One of the few tubs in this price range that comes with adjustable levelers
  • It’s resistant to mold, mildew, and stains


  • The design of the legs is a little weird, and you may have to make some minor adjustments to them to make them support the tub well

May Not Get Much Better Than This!

While the Mustee 28F Big Tub Utilatub isn’t one of the cheapest laundry tubs out there, it certainly offers pretty much everything that a premium laundry tub does, but at a significantly lower price.

All in all, for most people reading this, things may really not get much better at this price point than what the Mustee 28F offers.

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