KOHLER K-3942 Vault Top Mount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink Review

Most modern kitchen sinks are not just expensive but become an inconvenience when it is time to plan for a kitchen remodel.

Not only will the cabinets be stuck to the sink aprons, but reinstalling the sink itself will turn out to be a major hassle as well.

But with the customer’s needs in mind, Kohler has got you covered.

Their latest line on Vault Top Mount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink comes with customizable aprons and easy to install features that allow you to remodel your kitchen as many times as you please.

With a durable stainless steel body, it has become a popular go-to for the homeowner planning a kitchen remodel.

And with our review today, we are positive that the Vault will be able to suit all your sink needs and brighten up even the gloomiest kitchen atmosphere.

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Kohler Vault Sink Review 2022: Why is it so popular?


The Vault apron front kitchen sink from Kohler takes the traditional farmhouse style and combines it with the sleek, modern look of stainless steel. Specially made to fit a variety of decors, the Vault features a single bowl that has tightly angled corners to maximize basin space. And the top mount design allows for easy installation and use on most laminate countertops.

The Vault even comes with an ultra-flat rim that makes it easier to wipe junk from the counter directly into the sink. And for added convenience, the Vault’s shortened self-trimming integral apron makes it ideal for remodeling projects as it only requires a rough cut to harbor existing standard cabinets.

Perfect Apron Design For Installation and Remodeling

kohler vault sink reviewThe Vault top mount sink has an apron front rim of 1.25mm and a unique shortened, self-trimming apron that allows for easy installation of most existing standard cabinets and laminate countertops.

Unlike most farmhouse sinks in the market, the Vault is ideal when it comes to replacements and remodeling situations, as it doesn’t require a special apron front cabinet. This will allow you to get a fresh look for your kitchen whenever you please.

The installation of the cabinets only requires removal of the false drawer front and a simple cut to its face. The self-trimming apron overlaps the cabinet face and provides for a more beautiful installation every time.

Durability and Heat Resistance

What makes the Vault so popular among the homeowners is the use of stainless steel, which not only helps to brighten the kitchen space but is proven to be extremely durable as well. And Kohler’s brand of stainless steel keeps the Vault resistant to rust and corrosion.

The Vault may not be as sturdy as stone or fireclay sinks, but what it lacks in robustness, it makes up amply regarding various resistances. And the Vault is highly resistant to heat; even a piping hot pan will not be able to hurt it.

Cleaning the Vault is easy as well, all you have to do is give it a good wipe with a sponge once a week, and you’re all set.

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Noise Cancellation

Like all of Kohler’s stainless steel kitchen sinks, the Kohler Vault too comes with SilentShield technology. This protective coating granting heat resistance as well as significantly reducing noise from dish clatter, running water and garbage disposals.

If you live with noise sensitive people and you are looking to replace your old noisy sink, then you cannot possibly go wrong with the Vault.

Where does the Kohler Vault Top Mount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink go wrong?

Stainless steel may be best when it comes to being durable at an affordable range, but it does not deal with water stains and fingerprint marks all that well. Leaving water undried over its surface may cause it to stain and become more noticeable over time.

The silvery finish of steel may provide the kitchen with the much needed high-tech look, but it will not suit your bathroom decor and will clash with the surrounding aesthetics.


  • SilentShield technology reduces noise from dish clatter
  • The surface has high resistance to heat
  • Stainless steel keeps the sink durable and resistant to rust
  • The convenient body design is easy to install and remodel


  • Water can stain stainless steel surface if kept unchecked
  • Will clash with your bathroom decor. For kitchen installation only

After Thoughts

The Kohler Vault Top Mount Kitchen Sink comes with an amazingly customizable self-trimming integral apron. And if you want the look of an apron front sink without having to replace your cabinets and countertop, then you’ll love the Vault. It lets you install and remodel with ease.

Hope our review today was able to answer all your sink related questions.

Till next time!

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