KOHLER K-6015 Gimlet Self-Rimming Entertainment Sink Review

The sinks of today have become nothing short of a fashion statement that completes the overall aesthetic appeal of your kitchen or bathroom.

From stainless steel to fireclay to quartz, each sink is unique when it comes to their core build.

And every core complements each decor in their own way!

But how do you select the right sink that will suit household decor and cater to all your needs? Well, we are here to answer that very question.

Today, we bring you one of the best in modern-day sink aesthetics that is sure to help you out with all your sink needs.

The Kohler Gimlet Entertainment Sink has slowly become the more popular choice for all kitchenware enthusiasts looking to renovate their kitchen.

Now, without further delay let’s get on with our review.

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What keeps the Kohler Gimlet Entertainment Sink a step ahead?

How does one go about adding an element of fun to daily kitchen chores and make for a more exciting kitchen sink experience? Well, Kohler came up with an answer to that question in the form of their Gimlet kitchen sink which is taking over the kitchen hardware scene like a storm. It is as popular as it is aesthetically dynamic.

As one of the most affordable bar sink in today’s market, the Gimlet is guaranteed to complement any modern or traditional decor. With a high-gloss acrylic core, the Gimlet is backed with a durable layer of resin that not only ensures durability but chip resistance as well.

So let’s take a look at some of its more defining features.

Luxurious appeal

What truly makes the Gimlet so attractive to the average homeowner is how at an affordable range it provides a luxurious appeal. High-gloss acrylic has the ability to give the sink a 5-star shine, which is mainly found in the most expensive resorts.

And unlike stainless steel which is a more popular sink core, the Gimlet fits into every setting like a glove, may it be kitchen or bathroom decor.

Stainless steel gives off a more silvery feel and hence is suitable for kitchen interiors alone, but if placed in the bathroom it will contrast with the colors and bring down their shine. Acrylic, on the other hand, will complement any given decor and color and give it a more posh and polished appeal.

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Long-lasting durability

Though acrylic is weak against watermarks and fingerprint stains just like stainless steel, Kohler addresses that issue with the help of a resin coating. The Gimlet’s acrylic build is covered by a thick layer of resin that repels water off of its surface, keeping the sink stain free for an extended period.

On top of stain reduction, resin also makes the Gimlet highly resistant to strong corrosive materials and physical and chip damage. It even helps out the acrylic to hold onto its lustrous shine to make it look polished and new for years to come.

Versatile and convenient design

Apart from its incredible aesthetic appeal, the Gimlet is known for its easy to use features as well. From self-rimming to single-hole faucet drilling, there is no denying that the Gimlet will guarantee a fantastic kitchen sink experience to all its customers, and will continue doing so for days with the help of Kohler’s one-year limited warranty.

What should Kohler look to improve in their GImlet Entertainment Sink?

Though resistant to chipping and other varieties of physical damage, the Gimlet is prone to crack formation. The acrylic build with a resin coating is weak against heavy impact, and hence too much physical force can lead to the surface of the sink giving away and cracking.

Additionally, acrylic needs constant maintenance, which if ignored can lead to wearing out the resin coating and ultimately causing the acrylic to lose its shine and vulnerable to water stains. Periodic treatment is necessary to prevent staining and crack formation.


  • High-gloss acrylic makes the sink look high end and posh
  • Resin coating makes the sink durable and stain resistant
  • Easy to use and easy to install design fit for any household
  • Unique design is versatile enough to fit any decor


  • Weak against stronger physical impact, that may lead to the surface cracking
  • Needs periodic maintenance to keep it stain free


With an attractive high-polish acrylic base, Kohler’s Gimlet Self-Rimming Entertainment Sink is sure to create the perfect setting to all social gatherings. And as the centerpiece to your kitchen decor, it is sure to put a smile on your face as you impress your guests with your tasteful choice in interior design.

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