KOHLER K-6427 Whitehaven Smart Divide Self-Trimming Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Review

Amid the countless kitchen sinks out there, there are only a few that really stand out. And the KOHLER K-6427 is certainly one of them.

The reason it has “Smart Divide” in its name is that the sink is indeed divided into kind of two smaller sinks. It’s obviously one of the most unique designs boasting a farmhouse style that makes it amazingly versatile.

So without further ado, here’s a look at some of its most noteworthy features followed by a couple of not-so-impressive things about it.

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Durable like a tank

If there’s a sink that can stand even the heaviest of pans, no matter how hard they are banged into it, then it has to be the KOHLER K-6427. It’s extremely robust and well-built, and you can bet your house it’s going to last you longer than your kitchen, unless if you probably use a bomb to destroy it somehow.

Like we said, perhaps only a tank can be more durable than this beast.

Great fit

For a sink that’s so different from the typical options on the market, you would expect the fitting to be a bit of an issue.

However, you would be pleasantly surprised when you’re done installing it, as it would fit in like it was specifically built for your kitchen’s base cabinet. And once you fit it in, it would immediately become an inseparable part of your kitchen that just isn’t going to go anywhere.

Generously sized

Now, this is certainly something that’s going to leave you amazed. Despite it actually being a “divided” sink, it somehow still manages to offer more than enough space for pretty much everything you may ever want to clean.

The pictures you see on online retailers’ websites don’t do justice to its size, as the KOHLER K-6427 is actually much larger than it appears in the pictures.

You would have no problem washing everything from oversized pans to larger sheet pans. While its size is perfectly right from the top to bottom, it actually also has a couple of inches extra to its depth when compared to what’s considered as the “standard” size.

You would be surprised how much of an effort it takes out of your daily washing.

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Looks stunning

For a kitchen sink that’s so functional and durable, the KOHLER K-6427 would blow you away with its overall finish and look. It looks absolutely gorgeous, which is something pretty much every customer that bought it would vouch for.

Also, the front apron is sleek and simple, complementing the overall feel of the sink extremely well. To sum it up, it’s what you would call your dream farmhouse kitchen sink.

Needs a serious amount of support

It’s only natural for a sink so monstrously durable to be on the heavier side. However, the KOHLER K-6427 seriously weighs A LOT, and it being an under-mount sink, you would need a great amount of support to handle its weight.

The installation can be a little tricky

Although the installation is actually fairly simple for such a heavy and large-sized sink, you still need to be a little careful when installing it.

First of all, you would need two strong humans to move it around. Second, you would need to measure things twice or thrice to make sure you get it spot on. Third, you need to read the instructions it comes with before getting to the installation process.

If you follow these steps, you’re going to do just fine.

A Final Word

Finally, while we agree that KOHLER K-6427 costs the top dollar (perhaps even a bit more if you go for some of the other colors), it’s worth every single penny. If you consider its long-term value though, it would seem like it actually offers quite a bang for your buck.

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