KOHLER K-5415 Strive Self-Trimming Large Single Bowl Kitchen Sink Review

When you’re in search of the ideal kitchen sink, what do you look out for?

Is it a convenient, user-friendly design? Or cutting-edge technology that boasts various features?

Well, we believe that the perfect kitchen sink must have a little bit of both. And more importantly, it should be able to cater to all your needs.

Although finding the right kitchen sink that will fit your demands is tough, but fret not as we’re here to help you out with that.

Today, we bring you a review on one of the best in kitchen sink experience. The Kohler Strive Sink is as durable as it is versatile, and it is a widely popular choice among all homeowners.

Let’s see if it can be your pick as well.

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Kohler Strive Sink Reviews 2022: Features

kohler strive sink reviewsWhen it comes to the field of popular kitchen hardware, the Kohler Strive is one of the top contenders for the first spot, and it is no surprise why. With an amazingly robust stainless steel body, the Strive comes equipped with noise cancellation and thermal resistance features that go a long way in giving a fantastic kitchen sink experience.

Along with its long-lasting build, Kohler allows for user convenience as well. The Strive has a 36-inch apron sink base cabinet and a rear drain that increases the sink workspace and maximizes the storage space of the cabinet underneath.

So let’s take a look as to what makes the Strive so popular with the average homeowner.

Long Lasting

A stainless steel body needs no introductions really. When it comes to being the core material for a kitchen sink, stainless steel is as good as it gets. And the Kohler brand of steel is light, durable and extremely resistant to heat and corrosion. No matter how hot the pan is, it won’t leave a single mark on the Strive’s surface.

Additionally, unlike harder materials like stone or fireclay, stainless steel is very gentle on the delicate dishes, and rarely will it damage your expensive plates and pots.

A stainless steel body doubles as a centerpiece for your kitchen as well. With a silvery metallic finish, it will be able to give your kitchen the aesthetic touch it deserves.

Convenient to use

It’s hard for the modern day sink to support cutting-edge features while being user-friendly at the same time, but the Strive achieves that and more. It comes with a 36-inch apron sink base cabinet which is equipped with a rear drain.

This unique feature makes rinsing dishes and washing vegetables quite convenient, as it provides a larger workspace on the sink surface while maximizing the cabinet storage space underneath.

The self-trimming apron overlaps the cabinet space, which makes the installation process easier. And along with the cutout templates, the apron can also house a bottom basin rack that allows you to keep you washed dishes quite conveniently.

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Silent Kitchen Sink Experience

We all know how loud a dishwashing and rinsing experience can get. The amount of noise that dish clatter and running water make can ruin anyone’s evening, especially if your kitchen is close to the living area.

But the stainless steel that Kohler uses in their Strive Sink has a unique noise cancellation feature, which exponentially reduces the amount of noise made from clattering dishes.

So, if you have a sleeping baby or noise-sensitive people nearby, then the Strive has got you covered. It will give you the most silent dishwashing experience every time.

What are the Kohler Strive’s not so attractive features?

No matter how amazing a core material, a stainless steel body is inconvenient when it comes to preventing watermarks and fingerprints. The Strive’s body can be cleaned very easily with just a swipe of a sponge, but if the percolated water is neglected, it will lead to the sink’s surface getting stained.

Additionally, stainless steel’s metallic finish is not as sophisticated looking as fireclay. It may fit and brighten a kitchen interior, but it will dampen the decor of a washroom or living area. So its uses are limited to the kitchen alone.


  • Long lasting stainless steel body
  • Noise cancellation features
  • Ample cabinet space for storage
  • Large workspace for user convenience


  • Prone to watermarks and fingerprints
  • Functionality is limited to the kitchen area alone


The Kohler brand of the Strive kitchen sink is one of the most popular entry-level kitchen hardware in today’s market. It is attractive with cutting-edge features and a uniquely versatile build. It was effortlessly able to tick all the boxes in our checklist.

Hope our kitchen sink review today was able to help you out with your decision.

Till next time!

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