KOHLER K-6489 Whitehaven Self-Trimming Single Basin Sink Review

The KOHLER K-6489 is one of the most premium and unique kitchen sinks on the market. Ranging from the material it’s made of to the unique design that’s both attractive and super functional, everything about the K-6489 is unique and worthy of being termed premium.

Let us now take a more detailed look at its features.

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Truly Premium!

While we understand you wouldn’t expect anything less than something truly premium at this price point, the extraordinarily premium look and feel of the sink will still not fail to surprise you. The amazing touch, super smooth texture and the timeless look; they all combine to form the most beautiful thing you may have ever put in your kitchen.

It’s made using KOHLER enamel cast iron, which is as premium a material as it gets. It’s one of the most unique materials used to make kitchen sinks, and arguably none of the other materials out there boast the kind of durability KOHLER’s enamel cast iron does.

Apart from that, it’s also the most aesthetically appealing material you may have ever come across. It makes the sink look incredibly beautiful, and anyone that ends up setting their eyes on this beauty would certainly be all praise and offer many compliments on it.

There have been more than a few customers saying how their guests totally love the KOHLER K-6489 when they see it; not to mention it makes the owners themselves feel proud every time they enter the kitchen and see this timeless piece of kitchen luxury.

KOHLER’s Whitehaven sinks are also known to transform any type of kitchen and complement their overall style. Also, with the K-6489, you have more than a few color options to choose from, meaning that you’re sure to find something that would be a perfect match for your countertop surface.

Built to Last for Generations

As we said above, none of the other materials used to make kitchen sinks come close to being as durable as KOHLER’s enamel cast iron. And that’s what makes KOHLER K-6489 one of the most durable kitchen sinks on the market, a product that would easily blow away the strongest of stainless steel and even copper sinks.

Now, that’s saying something, given that copper sinks are believed to be most durable of the lot. However, when the long-term use is taken into consideration, the K-6489 made using enamel cast iron turns out to be a clear winner even when compared to them.

And that’s what makes us say that it’s going to be a product that would last for generations. But let us make it clear that when we say durability here, we don’t just refer to the product’s long-term ‘usability’ as it’s often perceived to be.

This is because the K-6489 is also guaranteed to never chip, crack or burn, and withstand everything you throw at it while still maintaining its breathtakingly gorgeous look. What this means for you is that you would be able to do everything ranging from cooking to cleaning to even prepping in it without having to worry about ending up damaging the sink in any way.

That said, however, the K-6489 doesn’t handle scratches anywhere near as well. In fact, it scratches fairly easily.

But that wouldn’t let its durability get affected in any way. Also, the scratches are not as visible as you may imagine, so it would still look great.

Plenty of Room

The problem with some of those premium sinks on the market is that although they are aesthetically very well-made, they don’t sport a very practical design. This usually results in the lack of enough room to be able to work comfortably.

KOHLER, however, being the experienced kitchen products manufacturer that it is, didn’t let its K-6489 suffer the same fate as many of the other sinks in its category. While the K-6489 is no less appealing than the other premium sinks, it comes in a unique design that offers the best of both worlds – aesthetics and roominess.

The K-6489 offers more room than you would likely need for home use. Even with oversize pots and pans in the sink, you would still be left with plenty of room around them to not have to struggle with the cleaning.

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Easy to Maintain

Now, when we say easy to maintain here, we don’t mean not having to clean the sink often. The K-6489, although made using an extremely durable material, is prone to stains and scuff marks.

In fact, you may find them to be a bit more common with the K-6489 than the stainless steel sinks or even granite sinks. This is especially true if its surface is being subjected to things like tea and coffee frequently. That said, however, you wouldn’t be spending hours getting rid of the stains and the occasional scuff marks.

Just a wipe on the surface with a good cleaning agent would leave the sink perfectly clean. So although you may have to clean it regularly, you likely wouldn’t find yourself spending more than a couple of minutes every time you do it.

The good thing about the K-6489, though, is that there are going to be no permanent stains or fading of color or any other similar issues, which are actually what most people that have used a premium sink before dread.

Scratches Easily

Well, there’s really only one real downside of the K-6489, and it’s that it scratches very easily, especially if you’re not very careful with the way you use it.

But that doesn’t have to mean that it would suddenly lose its beauty and attractiveness as you start using it. The scratches would be there, but they wouldn’t be THAT visible due to the uniqueness of the material.

Furthermore, the scratches wouldn’t lead to any durability issues, nor would they make the sink look cheap by any means. So if you can live with a few scratches on the surface of your sink that shouldn’t really bother you, you would still be very happy with the K-6489.

Amazing Customer Service

KOHLER has a reputation for offering the best of customer service in the industry, and you would certainly agree with it if you ever need any help or assistance with respect to your purchase.

Even customers that simply mentioned of some issues they have been facing with the sink in their review have been requested by the customer service staff of KOHLER to email them with the issues and they will help them with it.

People requesting a replacement due to shipping or other issues, too, haven’t had any problem doing so.

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