USG Durock Center Drain Shower Kit Review

Whether you’re building a new shower or getting it renovated, the center drain is one of the few essential tools that you’ll require to help with draining the excess water.

After all, just like how every bathroom needs a shower, having the right quality drain is equally important. Why, you may ask?

Well, a well-designed drain can hold off any particles, which might end up blocking the drainage system like balls of hair, soap as well as hard water scum.

Now we understand that it can get challenging to find the right unit for your home, especially in a market that is flooded with several options. To make it easier for you, we’ve put together this informative review on the USG Durock Center Drain System.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

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Durock Shower System Reviews 2022: Why buy this product?

Easy installation

durock shower system reviews

First things first, it’s essential to consider the installation system when purchasing a shower drain. This unit is relatively simple to install, but it’s best if you seek professional help to avoid damaging any of the key parts. Moreover, a professional can get the job done easily without you having to figure out the process from the installation manual.

This pre-pitched, pre-formed shower base is easy to install mainly because the pieces are all interlocked. Therefore, it won’t take more than 20-25 mins to have it set up. The shower tray disk and the drain assembly can be connected to the ABS or PVC connection, and it’s ideal for a wide variety of tile sizes and shapes.

Waterproofing system

It consists of a fully bonded waterproofing system that makes it suitable for tiled shower installations. Plus, it has been designed to control the moisture independently without dampening the quality of the tile covering. This system creates a solid base to ensure better durability of the entire shower system.

We believe that when you’ve got a drain with a waterproof membrane, it’s pretty handy because you don’t have to worry about it damaging the floors or the surrounding area. And in case of water damage, it can cause structural issues if the mess doesn’t get cleaned up soon. This added feature drastically improves the overall quality of this product.

Maintenance system

Maintaining the drain can be a major task if you purchase a poor quality drain because they start rusting pretty soon. But that’s not the case with USG Durock center drain because, as mentioned earlier, this is a waterproof kit.

However, the major cause of blocking and clogging is hair, and the flow rate will decrease if there is anything stuck in the drain, so regular cleaning is important. For the best part, it’s not vulnerable to all kinds of water damages, so you just have to take off the dirt that accumulates above the mesh, and you’re good to go.

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The drain size is another essential factor that you should consider before purchasing any shower drain unit. This USG Durock shower system measures about 48” x 48” that makes it suitable for bathrooms of almost all sizes.

However, we advise you to measure the total area of the space that you’re going to get it installed to avoid any unnecessary hassle. And it works best for a curbless installation, especially if you want to have a drain in the center of your shower area.

Additional accessories

The USG Durock center drain system is like a complete package, with all the required attachments in place. It helps to eliminate the need of having to purchase any installation item separately. Even though the price of this model is pretty reasonable, there is no compromise when it comes to quality.

Plus, it’s surprising to see the crucial parts of the shower drain all in one package, because many companies usually don’t provide the same. For instance, this center drain shower kit includes shower curb, shower tray, drain kit assembly with ABS & PVC drain connections, one pipe seal, and many other parts.

What could’ve been better?

Even though the quality and durability of this product are pretty commendable, it consists of too many additional fittings, which is a drawback for DIY enthusiasts. To install this unit in place, professional help is required to avoid any damage. And for those who prefer stainless products, you might find this shower drain to be a little flimsy for heavy use.



  • Reliable and durable construction
  • Closes tightly to the block inserts
  • Waterproof drain system
  • Easy maintenance



  • Additional fittings might not be the best fit for DIY enthusiasts
  • Shower drain doesn’t seem durable


This center drain system by USG is not only known for being priced reasonably but also for its waterproof ability. With the installation, you might have to spend a little on professional help. But in the long run, the flooring will be protected from water damage. Overall, this unit is ideal for any size bathroom, and it makes a perfect companion for your modern shower.

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