Sterling Shower Reviews 2022

In today’s day and age, bathrooms have taken up a vital role in almost every modern home setting.

With people considering the bathroom as their throne room for making the highest forms of contemplative thinking and self-awareness, finding your very own personal space in a bathroom has truly become an integral part of everyday life.

The most attractive part of the bathroom is indeed the shower space, and making the perfect one to suit your needs is not at all easy.

From figuring out the drain of choice to selecting the right shower door to go with it, the dilemma never seems to end.

But to help you out today, we have brought a review on a drain and door kit from a company that is all about shower accessories.

And we are confident that they will just be exactly what you’re looking for. So, sit back and read along.

Sterling Vikrell Shower Base Reviews 2022

When it comes to balancing performance and aesthetic appeal in the field of shower drains, we don’t think that there are many models out there today that can compete with what this one brings to the table.

The STERLING Shower Base Vikrell Center Drain can be the perfect addition to your modern bathroom.

Why buy this product?

sterling vikrell shower base reviewsThe Sterling center drain is all about customizability and how you can adjust the drain features to suit your shower needs and create your own dream bathroom.

Made of solid Vikrell, this drain model allows a lot of customization with the looks without having to worry about tile receptors.

The installation is effortless, to say the least, as the model comes with convenient receptor dimensions which makes replacing a standard 5-feet bath quick and easy.

This is precisely what makes the Sterling drain such a viable choice for a variety of bathroom as well as powder room remodeling plans.

For “tile down” applications, the Sterling kit is an amazing alternative. Not only is it easier to install than most tiled drain sets, but the unique property of the Vikrell base keeps the entire design durable and imparts a sort of a long-lasting shine and luster.

The drain kit goes really well with minimalist bathroom designs and brings a sort of elegance to your showering area along with providing it with long-lasting beauty.

Sterling thinks of the elderly users as well with their drain set and provides the model with a reduced 3.5-inch step-over threshold height.

This provides much safer entry and exit point for those with weaker limbs, and the elderly are a lot less likely to stumble upon it and suffer an accident.

STERLING 72161100-0 36-Inch Shower Base Vikrell Center Drain, White
  • Compression molded from Sterling's exclusive solid Vikrell material

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What could have been better?

The only issue that we found with this drain set is that the placement of the drain itself is a little bit off-center. It does tend to compromise on the draining capabilities of the set, but ever so slightly.

This is not a deal-breaker in any way and is a slight design flaw that can be easily looked past.



  • The Vikrell base keeps the drain durable, long-lasting, and highly customizable
  • Easy to install and the perfect alternative for 5-feet baths
  • The reduced step-over threshold for easier entry and exit



  • The drain is a bit off-center and causes minimal draining issues

Sterling Meritor Shower Door Reviews 2022

The Sterling Meritor Shower Door is capable of bringing with it a lot of style and sophistication to an otherwise dull and lifeless bathroom interior.

Designed with modern restrooms in mind, this shower door is made with a lot of user-friendly features in mind and is quite a popular pick among homeowners who are planning to remodel their bathrooms.

Why go for this product?

sterling meritor shower door reviewsWhat impresses us the most about the Meritor shower door is something called the ComforTrack Technology that it comes with.

The technology features a cushioned threshold that makes it significantly easier to get in and out of the bath and shower.

This can truly help out the elderly a lot and reduce the risks of an accident happening to a bare minimum.

An additional thing that the ComforTrack will allow you to do is lean, sit, or kneel on the threshold of the door.

This makes it much more convenient to bathe a child or even clean up the bathroom or showering space without having to strain yourself too much.

Moreover, the Meritor shower door comes with another feature called CleanCoat technology, which is Sterling’s very own patent-pending technology.

It helps to create a barrier between the water and glass to help keep your shower door look clean and new for longer.

The glass of the door is frameless and has a thickness of 1/4 inches, which significantly improves the overall stability of the door.

And unlike most shower door models out in the market today, the Meritor is incredibly easy to install.

With the “out of plumb adjustability” aspect of the kit, you will be able to install the entire set in your showering area in almost no time at all.

STERLING, a KOHLER Company K-581075-59N-G05 Meritor Shower Door, Nickel
  • Patent-pending Comfort Track technology makes the bottom track easy to sit or lean on without injury or discomfort

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What could have been better?

The shower door does tend to disappoint when it comes to containing the water inside the showering area.

There were moments when we found the water to escape from under the door, and on to the adjoining bathroom space.



  • Easy to install shower door comes with a convenient “out of plumb adjustability”
  • CleanCoat tech keeps the door clean and long-lasting
  • ComforTrack makes it easier to kneel, sit, and get in and out of the shower area



  • Has trouble confining the water inside the showering area

Final Thoughts

Both the Sterling drain and the shower door can be the perfect pick for any modern bathroom remodeling job.

With easy installation features along with fantastic performance and durability to boast, these models can indeed be very hard to beat in any competitive market.

Can’t make up your mind yet? Read our buying guide for shower kits before you proceed with your purchase.

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