Fleurco Gemini Bypass Plus 60 In-Line Frameless Sliding Shower Door Review

When I am out hunting for shower doors, I generally look for models that boast both performance and sophistication.

And with so many models out there in the market today, it’s not all that easy to find a shower door that is capable of balancing these two perfectly.

So, when I found Fleurco’s Gemini In-Line Frameless Sliding Shower Door, I knew I had stumbled upon something very special.

With a design featuring 2 sliding doors and hardware finish options of both Chrome and Brushed Nickel, this Fleurco shower door is made to be incredibly versatile.

And in my review today, I will be talking to you about some of my personal experiences with this shower door and why I recommend it for most modern bathrooms.

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Fleurco Gemini Shower Door Reviews 2022: What makes it so very special?

Minimalist design and functionality

fleurco shower door reviewsThis shower door model from Fleurco has a fantastic minimalist design and employs the use of sliding doors to function.

Sliding shower doors are just amazing to look at and are the perfect choice for most modern bathrooms that don’t have much space.

As they don’t have a swing in or a swing-out feature, which the more standard shower doors do, they hardly require much area to operate.

I don’t really have much space in my own bathroom, to begin with; hence, opting for hinged shower doors were out of the question.

Another aspect of this shower door that I absolutely loved was that I was able to mount them on the bathtub and save up even more space in the process.

Easy to use

I just adore the user-friendly features and ease of use that the Fleurco Gemini brings to the table.

As it’s a pair of sliding or “bypass” shower doors, it works quite similar to that of patio doors and comes with a set of tracks or even mechanical rollers built into its base.

The opening and closing action of the door is quite smooth, and I found it to be especially helpful for kids and elderly users.

They hardly ever get stuck like hinged shower doors, and you will not need to use much force to use them.

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Easy to maintain

The frameless design of the Fleurco Gemini makes it very easy to clean and is also a more economical choice than the framed models.

It has the ability to make the bathroom look spacious, while at the same time providing that much-needed sophistication to your showering area.

Fleurco Gemini’s glasses are around 3/4 inches in thickness (like most frameless glasses), thereby making them heavier than most standard framed glasses.

This allows them to be comfortable to operate, as inertia will help you open or close the doors with just a push.

Long-lasting and durable

Fleurco provides Gemini shower doors with glasses that have “Microtek surface protection.”

This makes them resistant against scratches and stains, and doesn’t allow water to cling to its surface which may otherwise lead to ugly watermarks all over.

It hardly takes me much time to wipe the glasses clean every now and then, as they more or less keep themselves clean.

The thicker glass keeps it durable and resistant to impact. So, you don’t have to worry about your doors breaking or chipping on sudden impacts.

What could have been better?

Though I am incredibly fond of every single aspect of this shower door, there is just one thing about it that disappoints me, and that is the towel bar on the interior side of the panel.

It’s placed right next to the spot where the showerhead goes, and I really don’t find many functions for it, as any towel you place there will get wet from the water splash.

It’s placed at elbow height as well, and I often found myself banging my elbows on it when trying to move around.

As I was able to remove them eventually, it’s not exactly a deal-breaker.



  • The sliding door feature is easy to use and hardly takes up much space
  • Thicker, heavier glass planes that hardly need much force to operate
  • Minimalist design, perfect for modern bathroom spaces
  • Frameless glasses with Microtech protection doesn’t require much cleaning



  • The location of the towel bar is rather disappointing


For small bathrooms with modernist design, the Gemini In-Line Frameless Sliding Shower Door from Fleurco can indeed be the perfect pick.

With a sophisticated design and amazingly durable, user-friendly features to boast, I highly recommend this shower door model for any bathroom renovation work.

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