Wedi Riolito Neo Modular Shower System Review 2022

If you have any experience with DIY shower remodeling, then you know how hard it can get picking the perfect set of tiles for waterproofing.

With so many tile kits and systems in the market today, one often has a tough time choosing the right one.

Where one offers amazing versatility, we find another to provide great durability and customizable options. Hardly does a model balance all the features and offer its customers a complete waterproofing solution.

But Wedi’s Riolito Neo Modular Shower System is one of the very few sets which we found to be capable of providing homeowners with exactly what they’re looking for.

The system is easy to install, and we have grown rather fond of it after having installed it in some of our showers as well.

The draining and waterproofing ability is fantastic, and we highly recommend it for any bathroom remodeling work.

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Wedi Shower Pan Reviews 2022: Why go for the Riolito Neo Modular Shower System?

Superior to single-piece models

wedi shower system reviewsThe Wedi Riolito Neo Modular Shower System is a very simple modular shower base and drainage system.

It comes with some of the best customizable options that you will find in the market, and this is why we prefer it over some of the more standard single-piece fixed shower pans.

The kit comes with two basic elements, which consist of a rectangular module and a large extension panel.

The module comes with its very own “integrated trench drain” and it will allow you to install the drainage close to the wall.

Each of the modules has fantastic durability as well. As they are made up of Wendi’s propriety waterproof XPS foam and standard resin coating, the modules will perform at their best for years to come.

Some of the best customizable options

This shower system from Wedi’s can be customized in whichever way you want. The pans are easily malleable, and you will be able to change the fit to go quite well with any shower enclosure.

They can be cut to size very easily with the help of a circular saw and utility knife. So, no matter what the structure of your bathroom is, this showering system will fit into it effortlessly.

You can customize the drain installation as well, and like most, you can either have it close to the wall or lead it away.

If you want it away, then you can do so from either side with the help of two extension modules and a center drain module.

Additionally, you can also use the drain with a mortar bed shower application. This will keep your showering area topically waterproof with the appropriate extensions and the Sublinear Dry system.

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Long-Lasting Mechanism

wedi board reviewsAnother aspect of Wedi Riolito Neo Modular Shower System which we really love is that they are tileable.

Not only will this allow you to decorate your showering space in a lot of different ways, but add a lot of durability to the system itself.

The cementitious layers of the tiles will keep the entire mechanism solid and help it to last longer, even under tough conditions.

Easy to install

Putting up this showering system yourself can be a rather fun DIY activity that you can do alone or with friends and family.

As the backer boards weigh only 12 pounds, they’re very easy to handle, and you will be able to get the pans up and running in no time at all.

What could have been better?

Though a fantastic shower drain set, the Riolito is not exactly as popular among homeowners as some of the other standard models, the reason being its higher price.

The Wedi system is significantly more expensive than the average mud pan sets, and this is why we feel it’s out of reach of a lot of homeowners.

Even if they are pre-sloped and faster to install, not many people opt for it.



  • It comes pre-sloped with fantastic customizable options
  • Tileable design which helps to keep the pans durable and long-lasting
  • Pans are light and easy to handle during installation
  • You can adjust the setting of the drainage in whichever way you want



  • An expensive shower system that is out of reach for most average customers

Final Thoughts

The New Modular Shower System from Wedi’s can provide the perfect drainage solution for any bathroom remodeling work.

With versatile, customizable options and fantastic durability, it indeed is very hard to beat in the competitive market.

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