Bubba Electric Fillet Knife Reviews 2023

Knives actually do more than helping to turn raw food into a delicious meal. They help you to prepare what you eat for your body to digest and assimilate it properly.

And for all that it matters, even a steep investment for a good knife is worth it, if you want to have a satisfying kitchen experience every day.

However, getting the perfect knife could be a tough feat to achieve. And it gets tougher by the day with the advent of newer styles.

A highly raved knives out there today is the Bubba Blade. And it has been hailed as one of the finest filet knives right now!

So, what exactly is the magic behind this one? If you’re wondering the same as well, then don’t skip on the next few slots.

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Bubba Blade Electric Fillet Knife Reviews 2023: Why buy this product?

bubba fillet knife reviewsI have used two of the knives from the set, namely the 7” and 9” Flex Fillets. And I’ll be talking about the standard features and benefits provided to me by both.

Well honestly, the Bubba Blade looks to me like the standard filleting knife that you get at any grocery store. However, it is only when you put it to the test, that you get to know of the subtleties in the mechanism which set it apart from all the rest of the models.

And for your convenience, I’ve listed down all the things I liked that made me get the product in the first place.

Angular Precision

Well, the angular guide and precision are what make and break a knife. It is a crucial requirement for any type of knife. And you cannot really expect a fillet knife to work well if they don’t have a defined angle on them.

Bubba Blades are famous for being avid anglers. And while using them, I did notice the precision with which they neatly dealt with my picnic salmon when it came to filleting those beauties up for the grill. Interestingly enough, the 9” Flex could even cut through the thick ribs of larger fish.

Since it’s considerably efficient with its accurate angling, it could be easily used by professionals and amateurs alike.


bubba blade electric knife reviewOne of the major reasons behind this knife’s immense success is its design that has been laid out, taking into consideration the utmost care and sensitivity for all of its customers.

The handles of the knives have been specially designed to accommodate even those with disabilities.

The non-stick, titanium-bonded surface of the knife makes for clean, mess-free cutting. The high-carbon stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion, stains, rust, or any sort of discoloration.

The versatility of the design makes these filleting knives simply perfect for preparing all kinds of fish and meat, or even softer fruits for that matter.


The Bubba Blade knives come with a full-tang construction along with an anti-slip rubber grip on the handle. This ensures total control for the user, especially while working on a slippery surface. The handle is made from a thermoplastic polymer, and the ergonomic design of it makes for comfortable handling and easy maneuvering of the knife.

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bubba blade electric knife reviewI absolutely admire how much the brand has thought about users’ safety while designing the product. Each of the blades from Bubba Blades set comes in individual black knife sheaths that help you carry them safely during travels.

The sheaths also protect the knives from any sort of external shocks or abrasive agent that might mess with the material.

This is especially beneficial for those who avidly fish such as me, and often require to scale and prepare fish on the boat itself.

What could have been better?

Even though the issues that I did find with the Bubba Blades knives are not absolute deal-breakers, the price is a tad bit high for a single knife set. I still think it’s better to get them out in the open to give you a clear perspective on them.

Now, although these knives are pretty sharp for swishing through most kinds of flesh, it could be a hassle to re-sharpen them after they have worn out. There is no way to do that without compromising on the durability of blades.

Also, these knives can be a little tricky for panfish, even when these work brilliantly for larger fish such as wall-eyes.



  • Has an ergonomic and pretty comfortable design that’s ideal for everyone to use
  • Extremely durable construction with a lasting blade finish
  • Comes in a protective sheath for safety
  • Pretty versatile when it comes to filleting and slicing fish, meat or softer fruits



  • Could be difficult to resharpen once it loses its edge
  • Could be expensive even for a single knife


Overall, knives from Bubba Blades deliver a brilliant performance for an upcoming brand such as this one. However, it still has certain minor issues that I hope would be rectified by the company soon.

And I also hope I was able to provide an insight into the mechanism of the product for you to know better.

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