Victorinox Knife Set Review 2022

Victorinox has been in the knife manufacturing scene for some time now.

They are quite popular in the culinary scene and are primarily known for their fantastic quality and aesthetic appeal that can brighten even the dullest of kitchen interiors.

Historically, Victrionix is famously known as the inventors of the Swiss Army knife, and over the years have harnessed a very keen cutlery sense.

They have a wide range of amazing cutlery knife models and designs which aim at becoming the go-to choice for both accomplished and aspiring chefs.

And in my review today, I will be going over some of my experiences with their Chef’s knife range, and see if it can be the perfect choice for you as well.

Victorinox Fibrox Review 2022

victorinox knife set reviewWhat sets the Victorinox Fibrox 3-Piece Chef’s Set apart is the sharp and strong features along with the incredible aesthetic appeal that it brings to the kitchen.

Each of the knives present in it is just perfect for a variety of cooking tasks, along with peeling carrots and slicing large chunks of meat and steaks.

This set is the one that I had gifted my wife last summer, and I won’t be lying if I said that she absolutely loves them.

Cutting Versatility

As the Victorinox Chef’s set comes with 3-piece of cutlery, there is indeed a lot that you can achieve with it in the kitchen, and make any slicing and dicing activity a rather fun one.

The set comes with a 4” paring knife, a 10” chef’s knife along with an 8” slicing knife.

Needless to say, the differences in blade and grip style among these models will vastly improve the versatility of cutting and slicing operations.


Now, the models of the set are stamped from a single sheet of metal and made of high-carbon stainless steel.

The knives are then finished in Switzerland by skilled craftsmen, where the blade is specially hardened, tempered and grounded to give it much-needed durability.

The Victorinox knives are made to be around 60% percent more long-lasting than the standard set of knives that you will find in the market today.

After the grounding process, the knives are then polished, etched and finished to create a very unique edge that can be repeatedly sharpened without having to compromise on their quality in the long run.

Comfortable Grip and Handle

Each of the Victorinox knives, even the ones that are present in this Chef’s set, contains their patented Fibrox handle.

Fibrox handles are quite famous in the culinary world and can be characterized by their comfort grip and slip-resistant design.

Even when wet, you will not lose control of the blade and be able to make precision cuts on the thickest of vegetables and meat.

The handles are also made to be as ergonomic as possible so that it can fit into your hands perfectly, and not make you hold the knives at strange angles to get the cut that you want.

Incredible Quality and Warranty

One particular aspect of Victorinox knives which I absolutely love is that each of their models comes with a lifetime warranty.

This is not something that many knife companies are willing to provide, and the reason that Victorinox is being able to do so is because of their amazing quality and the trust and belief that they put behind each of their blades.

My wife absolutely loves the luster and polish that the Chef’s set possesses, and even after using it extensively for some months now, they still have been able to hold on to their shine perfectly well.

Victorinox Fibrox Pro 3-Piece Chef's Set, 10 Inch, Black
  • 4-inch paring knife, 8-inch slicer, and 10-inch chef's knife

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What could have been better?

One issue that my wife did have with the Victorinox Chef’s set is with the larger knife model.

She felt that the larger knife was a bit too large for her hand, and was having some trouble initially with the knuckle clearance and the center of gravity that the blade possesses.

It took her some time to get used to the model, as she had to hold the knife at awkward angles to get the precision cuts that she wanted initially.

However, she has adapted to the blade rather well and told me that the size of the large 10” knife is not a deal-breaker at all.



  • Fibrox handle comes with a comfort grip for precise cutting actions
  • A versatile range of knives which will allow you to make the most of every cutting activity
  • One of the most durable and long-lasting models on the market today



  • The 10” chef’s knife can be rather large for smaller hands

Victorinox Chef Knife Review 2022

victorinox fibrox pro chef's knife reviewThe 10” Chef’s Knife is by far one of the most powerful slicing and cutting tools that my wife has ever used.

She just loves its mincing and chopping actions and says that it’s the perfect choice for all types of big chopping jobs.

Why go for this knife model?

Now, you might be wondering why a single knife costs more than the knife set I reviewed earlier. Well, for that you need to feel the build and craftsmanship of this incredible chef’s knife.

Unlike the Fibrox Chef’s Knife, this knife is much more balanced and easier to use. In fact, my wife began to use it masterfully in almost no time at all.

When it comes to our family steak nights every Saturday, this knife has become her permanent go to, and she uses the tempered edge of the blade to effortlessly go through the toughest of meat chunks.

Not only has it made cooking fun for her, but it makes chopping up thick celery look and feel incredibly easy.

Victorinox Forged 10-Inch Chef's Knife
  • A powerful tool for slicing, cutting, chopping, mincing, and dicing; long blade and masterful weight make it great for cooks with larger hands and frequent big chopping jobs

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  • The perfect knife choice for tough cutting jobs
  • Triple rivet handle is ergonomically designed to significantly improve the precision
  • Tempered knife-edge keeps its sharpness for a very long time



  • The size of the blade is not ideal for smaller hands

Final Thoughts

The Victorinox Chef’s knives are indeed amazing when it comes to providing professional and amateur cooks with the best in cutting and chopping experiences.

These ergonomic blades will be able to provide with the best in precision grip and make the boring kitchen activities a very exciting one.

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