Shun Premier Chef’s Knife Review

Searching for a super sharp knife that will cut through vegetables like butter? The Shun Premier Chef’s Knife will win your heart.

We purchased it just before a party at our place where we were looking forward to a barbeque dinner. And guess what, the knife brought down the cooking time altogether.

Because of the sharpness, it cuts smoothly and quickly too. We felt like a pro chef chopping vegetables finely and with intricate precision. When used to dice tomatoes, the knife made sure every piece is alike and diced with utter perfection.

Our guests were very pleased with the dinner and showered us with compliments at the end. Some would not believe the food was home-cooked and thought it was bought from a fancy restaurant.

Now, if that sounds impressive to you, how about we go into the details of all of its praiseworthy features?

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Shun Premier Chef Knife Review 2022: Why Buy This Product?

shun premier chef knife reviewWe especially liked the look and feel of this product. But that’s not all; we have listed down some of its best features, based on our experiences.

Use of heat treatment technology

If you want veggies to be bowing down in front of the knife, this premium model is capable of doing just that. The steel used for this knife goes through a lengthy process of heating and then cooling to ensure changes in the microstructure. This helps bring out the best properties of this knife.

With repeated heat treatment, the steel becomes fine-grained with changed physical characteristics. It becomes more durable and harder, making it slice through the hardest of veggies with ease. We never heard of this heat treatment process, but to make an expert knife like this, the process is mandatory.

Individually handcrafted

Further, every knife is handcrafted following the ancient traditions of Japan. Each product goes through at least 100 steps to reach the final stage. They are treated as individual works of art for expert culinary needs. We saw this product and felt like it was an art masterpiece with its sleek design and thin blade, which can cut through almost anything.

Quality and performance

We are always keen on using fresh vegetables and meat, especially when they have reached their full ripeness. This knife is made for such moments. Built with modern premium materials and state-of-the-art technology, this knife is a beauty to keep in the kitchen.

Moreover, it comes with the quality you cannot complain about; we have used this knife for a while now, and we do not see any signs of wear and tear. It is sharper than ever and scratch-resistant too. Long story short, you need not worry about any part of this knife wearing away anytime soon.

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Exquisitely designed

Shun Premier Chef’s Knifeshun premier chef's knife 8 inch review is equipped with a contour walnut Pakkawood handle which gives a rustic touch to it. Also, it is made in such a way that both right-handed and left-handed individuals can use it. Now, this is a stark feature that makes this knife different as most knives are made, keeping in mind only right-handed people.

Diamond and ceramic sharpener

This knife comes with a Kai Diamond and Ceramic Retractable Sharpener, which sharpens it quickly through a 3-step process. Plus, it is already made in such a way that it remains at a 16-degree angle for best results.

The first slot of the sharpener takes care of rough sharpening while the second slot refines edges. And if that wasn’t enough, the third slot adds the final touches to get your knife functioning at its best.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The knife functions exceptionally well, but we only have one concern. Since it is made out of hard steel, the blade is brittle and would not be able to bend. If you try too hard, you may end up breaking it. But this would need a lot of pressure which you would not apply usually, so do not stress over it too much.



  • Hand-sharpened Japanese double bevel blade
  • Contoured walnut PakkaWood handle
  • Suitable for both light and left-handed people
  • Presence of VG-MAX steel core and stainless steel



  • Brittle and not bendable


If you want to show off your fabulous culinary skills to friends and family, Shun Premier Chef’s Knife will be the perfect partner in crime. It is time to rule the kitchen with a beautiful product you can display proudly.

With a broad and curved blade, the knife nestles comfortably in your hand while you chop like a pro. To add to it, the end cap is embossed beautifully, enhancing the elegance and beauty of this product. Go for it, you won’t be disappointed!

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