Cuisinart Knife Set Reviews 2023

Like I always say, good cutlery is an ornament to your kitchen. There is simply no way that an issue can’t be fixed with a good set of knives!

However, finding good or even decent cutlery that looks as good as it performs could be a daunting task, given the price factor and functionality of the tools.

One of the contemporary brands that have been owning the kitchen scene with its brilliant range of culinary tools and gadgets is Cuisinart.

Not only has it been claimed as a marvelous brand which gets the looks right, but it has also been hailed as one that offers a collection of beautiful tools at an affordable price tag.

But don’t we all just want to know more about the performance after all?

And if I’ve got you all excited on the subject right now, then you might wanna stick out till the end of this review.

Cuisinart Classic Knife Set Review 2023

cuisinart classic knife set reviewThe Classic Artisan collection is a stunningly beautiful set of cutlery from Cuisinart. The durability and the design of the set are on fleek, and every knife from the set performs outstandingly well.

The Classic Artisan is one of the top-selling cutlery sets from the brand. The major reason is the affordable price tag. This makes it as desirable as a high-end brand, and more so as it brings similar characteristics at a much lower price!

My experience with the product

In my opinion, the Classic Artisan brings a beautiful combination of some of the most functional contemporary features with the elegant essence of a classic design. The blades of the knives are textured with a stamping technique, leaving a supremely sharp edge.

This makes for a unique, dynamic statement no matter where you take the knives. The design is one of my favorite features, and I guess I would pay for that alone.

These knives are constructed from premium-grade high-carbon stainless steel which makes them immensely durable and resistant to rust, stains, and corrosion.

The precision-tapered ground blades on these tools gradually narrow down to a super-sharp edge, which cuts through meat, vegetables, and even tough joints and tendons without leaving a shred behind!

The knives come with their own holder block which makes for a very convenient object that keeps the knives safe and protects the blades from getting all scratched up or worn out.

This 15-piece set gives you all of the essential knives that you need to prepare any delicious cuisine and even makes for a great gift set if you want to impress a kitchen enthusiast!

However, the only downside to these knives could be their more than required lightweightedness, which may compromise the balance and maneuverability of the tools while cutting.

Cuisinart C77SS-15PP Classic Artisan Collection 15 Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Block Set, Black
  • Set includes: chef knife, carving knife, serrated bread knife, Santoku knife, Utility knife, Paring knife, steak knives (6), sharpening steel, household shears, block

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  • The knives look absolutely beautiful with their stamped steel texture
  • Constructed out of high-carbon steel, the knives are immensely durable
  • Resistant to stains and corrosion
  • Comes at an affordable price tag
  • Offers a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer



  • Doesn’t have much weight to them; may lose balance during use

Cuisinart Metallic Knife Set Reviews 2023

cuisinart metallic knife set reviews

The 12-piece Metallic Knife Set is one of the most beautiful cutlery sets from Cuisinart. These metallic knives are given a beautiful black finish that looks absolutely spectacular in your kitchen.

The blades are crafted from high-quality stainless steel that contributes to the formidability of the overall structure. But the real deal is the unique non-stick coating on these tools which enables effortless slicing.

This cutlery knife set is also the most affordable one from the brand.

My experience with the product

Cuisinart never fails to stun us with its designs. And like the previous set that I had reviewed for you, this Metallic Knife Set, too, is no exception to that norm.

Forged from professional-grade stainless steel, the knives of this set are all provided with a dashing black metallic satin finish with an extremely sharp edge to them.

This spells class and glamour in a single sentence for them, making the set one of the most beautiful from the brand.

But the winning feature of the knives is the unique non-stick coat on the blades. Not only does this enable you to cut practically any sort of edible substance with absolute ease and comfort, but it also contributes immensely to the sharpness of the blades.

Another thing that I really like about the knives is that they all come in their individual matching plastic guards. Safety is one thing that I don’t compromise with and always appreciate on a tool or gadget. And I totally dig this aspect of the knives for the very same reason.

The safety guard makes it safe for you to travel with or simply use it on a daily basis. It also protects the blades from a blunt force and prevents them from losing their edge.

The handles, too, are ergonomically designed and provide ease of use and maneuverability during use.

However, I wish it came with its own holder block for that matter like the rest of the sets.

Cuisinart C55-12PMB Advantage 12 Piece Metallic Knife Set With Blade Guards, Black
  • Set includes: 8" chef, 8" slicing, 8" bread knives, a 7" Santoku, 6.5" serrated Utility, and finally a 3.5" Paring knife

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  • The knives look spectacular with their black finish
  • The non-stick coating on the blades makes it immensely easy to cut food without making a mess
  • The knives come in their own plastic guards that ensure safety for the user as well as the blades from external shocks
  • One of the most affordable sets from the brand
  • Offers lifetime warranty



  • May rust after a point of time

Cuisinart Professional Series 10 Piece Knife Block Set Review 2023

cuisinart professional series 10 piece knife block set reviewMeant for the absolute lovers of the culinary world, the Professional series from Cuisinart brings a range of marvelously designed knives that will help you make equally marvelous dishes.

Made from German MOV, the knives of this set are some of the most durable ones you’ll ever find elsewhere or from the brand itself.

And about the design, there could only be one conclusion: they’re disarmingly beautiful!

My experience with the product

This was actually one of the first knife sets that I owned from Cuisinart. This is a classic set of knives that’s honed to perfection in every aspect.

The knives are crafted from German Molybdenum-Vanadium (MOV) stainless steel that is incredibly durable in every way, resisting external shocks like a cakewalk. It resists rust, corrosion, and stains, making for a singularly formidable structure.

The edges of the knives are developed using V-Edge technology, an innovative grinding process that creates a finer, ultra-sharp edge. You can even cut cartilage and tough tissues with it, let alone just meat, poultry, fish or vegetables.

Personally, it was a remarkably satisfying experience for me to use the knives of this set.

The handles support the full tang construction of blades, enabling you to easily maneuver the blade while cutting.

The handles provide a firm and secure, non-slip grip that makes your cutting experience a comfortable and safe one. The knives also come with their own wooden block holder.

With everything being said, this set could be an expensive buy for most. However, this does come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer like the rest of the products from the brand. This provides all the value for the money you invest in it.

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  • The knives are constructed from incredibly strong German MOV steel
  • These have an ultra-sharp edge that cuts through the toughest substances
  • The handles provide balance and ease of maneuverability with an anti-slip grip
  • Offers a lifetime warranty
  • Comes with its own knife holder



  • Pretty expensive


And that was it for my review of some of the most beautiful sets from Cuisinart.

Along with providing all the right aspects of the overall design of the knives, the brand guarantees excellent performance for every cut that its knives make.

I, for one, strongly recommend it.

I hope I was able to help you with my Cuisinart knife reviews.

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