Barclay FS30 Farmer Sink Review

The fireclay farmer sink is once again popular in high-end kitchens. According to the makers, the Barclay FS30 Fireclay Farmer Sink is a large and functional kitchen sink that will distinguish your kitchen from all your neighbors’. It’s the first thing that the guests will notice in your kitchen, and your kitchen won’t be the same without it. Since a lot is written and spoken about this farmer sink, let’s find out the truth behind the claims.

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Barclay Sinks Reviews 2022

About the Company

The company (Barclay Products) behind the product has been in the industry for nearly twenty-five years. Many of their home use and commercial products have been a huge hit with the masses, so the product does enjoy great credibility because of the unmatched brand reputation. So, we will have to give this product the credit where it’s due.


barclay sinks reviewsTo look good in your kitchen, the company claims that they have intentionally created a beautiful sink, so it won’t be your average eyesore farmer sink. On the contrast, the sink will look wonderful in the house. From what we found out, this isn’t a ‘too good to be true’ statement for a farmer sink. Judging by customer reviews, this statement appears to be 100% true.


The Barclay FS30 sink is deep enough to hold a lot of pots and other stuff. As such, it’s not a giant sink, but it holds enough stuff that most households can dump into it. Plus, it’s smartly constructed to offer plenty of space to help you navigate quickly to the middle to find what you need. So, the product engineers deserve accolades in this department as well.

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The makers state that they have used top-shelf materials to build a product of this nature. The material used is durable and resilient to last for a long time, so it’s a perfect kitchen fit for long-term use. It won’t crack or chip to unleash a dark sublayer. It’s the most durable thing to own in today’s age and time as far as fireclay sink goes.


The makers package the product very well to avoid cracks or chips at the time of shipment. It truly feels like you are receiving a gift when it is delivered to your doorstep. The company has focused on the product packaging, which is a good thing for the users.

Item Specs

  • The FS30 fireclay sink weighs 114 pounds
  • The product dimensions are 29.8 x 17.9 x 10 inches
  • The thickness of the sink is around 1 inch
  • It’s currently available in only one color — full white
  • Installation method would be farmhouse / apron-front
  • Flange extension would not be needed


  • A standard-sized garbage disposal can be used with the Barclay FS30 Fireclay Farmer Sink
  • Unlike the rivals, the sink can be rotated (during installation) to have the drain on either side
  • It’s well-packed, so it doesn’t arrive in more pieces than your favorite jigsaw puzzle
  • The FS30 fireclay sink comes with a one-year product warranty against product defects


  • Surprisingly enough, it does not come with an installation template
  • One would have to purchase a grate to prevent scratches to the item

What do customers have to say about the FS30 Fireclay Sink?

The vast majority of the shoppers seem deliriously happy with the purchase of this farmer sink. Almost every review is positive, which speaks a lot about the product’s quality and caliber. Past users have voiced the fact that the product is beautiful, well-built, and durable enough to last for several years. Furthermore, most users have echoed that the sink cleans up nicely like a dream, and it drains like it’s supposed to. So, it’s not another hard-to-maintain product. Also, the product is priced better than its rivals, which turns out to be another people-pleasing factor. Some users also state that the company can easily get away by charging more for the Barclay FS30. On the whole, it has scored full marks for the looks and functionality.


So, is this product a worthy purchase? As you might have already guessed by our reviews above, the Barclay FS30 Fireclay Farmer Sink is definitely worth a shot. The makers have exploded past the boundaries of their job to come up with a high-end fireclay farmer sink without the high cost attached to it. Moreover, the sink has lived up to all the claims and hype surrounding it. In our investigation, we found it to be a satisfaction bomb, and hence we don’t mind recommending this fireclay farmer sink without any reservations. In our professional opinion, this product definitely deserves a place in the shopping cart of people looking to get a fireclay farmer sink.

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