Miseno Undermount Double Basin Kitchen Sink Review

miseno sink reviewsSinks are an indispensable component of your kitchen’s décor, and it’s essential you choose one which offers the right utility without compromising on aesthetics!

We often lay too much emphasis on choosing a premium quality faucet and end up buying a sub-standard sink which can potentially botch up the entire look of your kitchen.

If you’ve bought a premium quality faucet, it’s important to ensure you get an equally good quality sink as well. Choosing a sink that matches your kitchen’s overall theme is also critical.

Luckily, there are a few brands out there that offer an affordable line-up of kitchen sinks that can easily match up to the standards of top-tier brands, and also cost significantly lesser!

Miseno is one such brand that has been producing kitchen fittings for years and have managed to establish themselves as a trusted manufacturer!

Today, we’ll be reviewing one of their most highly rated Undermount Kitchen Sink for those of you looking for an affordable but luxurious sink for your kitchen!

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Miseno Sink Reviews 2022: Features

  • Solid 16-Gauge stainless steel construction
  • Features dual basins with a 60/40 split
  • Undermount installation
  • Features a sound absorbent design for a quieter dishwashing experience
  • Optimal draining capability thanks to a central drain location

What did we like about it?

If you’re looking for a good quality kitchen sink in the mid-price segment, then this 32” undermount double basin stainless sink is a model you should consider purchasing.

With a price-tag that seems too good to be true, this model offers outstanding versatility and high functionality. After testing out the product thoroughly, here are a few things we liked about it.

16 Gauge T-304 Stainless Steel Construction

When it comes to kitchen sinks, durability is a top priority and choosing a product with the right type of construction is crucial. This 32” undermount kitchen sink by Miseno comes with a highly durable 16-gauge stainless steel construction which has a certain level of flexibility associated with it.

This will ensure your sink doesn’t chip or crack. You can also expect dishes to stay fully intact when accidentally dropped into the basin.

Rear Drain Locations

The smartly constructed rear drainage system in these sinks makes for an improved storage capacity inside the cabinet above which the sink is installed. This is done by locating the drain plumbing much further back in the cabinet.

Furthermore, the gently angled corners of the sink help keep it clean and optimize the drainage system.

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Dual Basins with 60/40 Split

miseno reviewsThese basins by Miseno feature the innovative dual styled split which offers an outstanding level of utility. The dual bowl system offers more organizational ability and much easier dishwashing.

You can use this sink to store dishes on one of the compartments while washing them in the other. There are also plenty of other advantages to dual basins including more efficient food preparation and increased storage capacity.

Sound Dampening

Kitchen sinks built with cheap quality steel often ring way too loudly when bumped or when you happen to drop a dish in them. This model by Miseno comes equipped with sound absorbing acrylic undercoating combined with rubber pads.

You can expect your dishwashing sessions to go rather silently thanks to this innovative feature!


  • Extremely well-constructed T-304 stainless steel build
  • Comes with a full assortment of extras, including a stainless steel drain assembly, undermount clips, a fitted basin rack, and a post-installation cleaning kit
  • Innovative dual-basin system for improved functionality
  • Comes with a Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty. In case your sink doesn’t meet the highest quality standards expected by Miseno, they’ll have you covered


  • The sink is a bit too deep and may require you to bend down a little more than you would usually with other sinks

Final Verdict

If a high-utility, durable and good-looking kitchen sink is what you’re looking for, this model by Miseno performs adequately well in all those departments given the product’s price tag.

There are very few kitchen sinks at this price point which offer the outstanding line-up of features that you get with this model.

Overall, an excellent value for money product!

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