Dawn BS121307 Single Bowl Bar Sink Review

dawn sinks reviewsThe Dawn BS121307 is one of the highest-rated stainless steel kitchen sinks in the low-end price range. And based on the huge number of kitchen sinks we have reviewed on our site so far, it’s one of the most value-for-money products you can buy in this price range.

Honestly, everything that the Dawn BS121307 offers at this price simply blows us away. We would never expect so much at these bottom-of-the-barrel prices, and that’s why the BS121307 has really, really impressed us.

As you can see, we are pretty excited to tell you what exactly does the Dawn BS121307 bring to the table, so let’s get to it without any further ado.

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Dawn Sinks Reviews 2022: Features

Made using high-quality, durable material

We really think that you don’t get to see sinks made of the kind of material the BS121307 is made of at this price point. It’s made of 18-gauge premium grade stainless steel, which is something you usually only get with premium-quality sinks that cost a bomb. How Dawn manages to offer it at this price is something well beyond us.

The material also boasts a combination of chrome and nickel – two very durable materials – in an 18:10 ratio. Needless to say, you can expect top-notch durability with the BS121307, especially when compared to pretty much every other sink you can find at this price.

Superior quality sound deadening

If you thought low-end sinks don’t come with any kind of sound deadening, oh boy you’re in for a surprise. With the kind of sound absorption padding and coating the BS121307 comes with, you would never find it sounding tinny like most of the other products you can get at this price.

Now, this is saying something, as the kind of sound deadening you get with the BS121307 is something hard to come by even when you’re willing to pay twice of what the BS121307 is priced at. This makes it a perfect option for those that have a lot of daily cleaning to do, which means that if the sink produces a lot of noise it can get very annoying.

Certified cUPC

This is again something that speaks volumes about the kind of value you’re getting here. If our memory serves us well, we are yet to come across a sink in this price range that could claim to be a cUPC (Canadian Uniform Plumbing Code) product.

This certification basically means that the product is “frustration-free,” which doesn’t come off as much of a surprise given the quality of sound deadening it boasts. However, it also reflects a high level of functionality that allows for a convenient, hassle-free cleaning experience.

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Practical, elegant design

While it’s not that you can’t find a sink that sports an attractive design in this price range, especially when it comes to stainless steel sinks, but it’s that you usually don’t get enough of both practicality and aesthetics in this price range. And this is what helps the BS121307 to easily outperform the competition, as the design it comes in is every bit as practical as it’s elegant.

While it looks not much different from a premium sink, it also manages to be functional enough to offer a superior level of cleaning convenience and ease of use. It’s designed in a way that would help it to get rid of the leftover food stuff without you having to do it manually, as well as being pretty easy to clean overall.

Optional accessories are available

To cater to your own needs, you can also get accessories such as bottom grid, strainer, and drain mat to make the sink even more functional.

Too lightweight

Isn’t being lightweight actually a good thing? We hear you saying. However, it gets a little worrying when it’s as lightweight as weighing just 7 pounds.

That’s not saying that we doubt its durability or its long-term performance, but you may certainly not want to use it for very heavy-duty use.


  • Made using 18-gauge high-grade stainless steel which is amazing to get at this price
  • Great sound deadening that helps the sink to offer a convenient cleaning experience
  • A great design that gets you the best of both worlds – aesthetics and functionality
  • cUPC certified for a frustration-free experience


  • The BS121307 being too lightweight means that it may not be the best option when you are looking for a kitchen sink for very heavy-duty use
  • No accessories included but you shouldn’t be expecting any at this price anyway

A final word

We would probably be lying if we say we are impressed with the Dawn BS121307. As we said in the intro, WE ARE TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY WITH THE BS121307!

If you’re on a tight budget but still want a stainless steel sink that’s almost perfect in all the aspects, the BS121307 has to be it.

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