Mirabelle MIRURB3421 Double Basin Kitchen Sink Review

As the name suggests, the Mirabelle MIRURB3421 Double Basin Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink comes with a 70/30 split, which makes it a dual capacity sink by nature. To know beyond the basics of this product, keep your eyes peeled on this review because we are going to open the mystery box that the Mirabelle MIRURB3421 kitchen sink is for most people out there.

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Mirabelle Sinks Reviews 2022

Product Highlights

mirabelle sinks reviewsDesign

The product has a neat and clean design to it, yet it looks very modern. It may not be the most stunning kitchen sink out there, but it’s nicely polished from top to bottom. It looks new and shiny even after months and months of use.

Tough Body

It’s made from 16-gauge stainless steel body. The stainless-steel armor help users to not lose sleep over product longevity. Simply put, it’s built to handle daily abuse for many years to come.


The 70/30 split takes care of a lot of legwork involved in kitchen tasks. It helps one with multitasking in order to get more jobs done in less time.


Cleaning in and around the sink won’t prove to be a cardiovascular workout. The undermount installation eases the cleaning process by default.

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Smart Drainage

Unlike other kitchen sinks, the drain on this sink is located in the center for easy maintenance. Also, the basin is slightly sloped for proper draining disposal.


Mirabelle MIRURB3421 doesn’t weigh a ton. Gladly enough, it weighs only 26.4 pounds, so it won’t cause a lot of trouble during installation. Plus, it can be singlehandedly transported from one area to another.


Upon care, the sink can last for a long time without rusting or scratches. Better yet, the care needed is very minimal. Routine cleaning with soap and water can do the trick over here.


The space on the 70 side is enough to bath a small dog. Also, the smaller side is not as small as you might expect. We use the larger side to wash large dishes and the smaller side for draining the items.


  • This kitchen sink combines beauty and function like nobody’s business
  • The sink features sound absorption coating and pads to minimize undesirable noise
  • All the hardware needed for installation is included in the package along with instructions on product maintenance and care
  • To put customers at ease, the company, Mirabelle offers a limited lifetime warranty on the kitchen sink


  • You will notice watermarks if you don’t clean the sink after every use (though it’s not practically possible to clean after every use)

How is the Product Packaging?

So, let’s answer this million-dollar question since most users are concerned about cosmetic damage during transit. For those who don’t know, the packaging on this product is pretty much bulletproof. It’s carefully packaged with a protective bag, so the item arrives with zero damage. Even if the item were to fall off from the truck during transit, it would reach the user in pristine condition. From our research, we found no complaints about product damage during transit. Also, most users have stated that the product delivery was on schedule.


To sum it up, the Mirabelle MIRURB3421 Double Basin Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink can leave you impressed with its look and features. So, getting this product won’t prove to be a rush decision. Once you receive it, you will know that you have made the right decision (speaking from experience). The sink has outstanding quality written all over it. It’s good-looking, quiet, and deep — exactly what we expected from a high-quality kitchen sink. The buyer of the sink will surely get the money’s worth and more. You will find a world of difference between this and other products in the same price range. Even our sink installer was impressed with the quality of the Mirabelle MIRURB3421 sink. The comment was, “Wow, you guys got a good one!” If we were to repurchase a double basin kitchen sink, our money would go on this product. After all, this sink has fulfilled all our must-have wishes.

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