JULIEN J18 025810 Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Review

What is the one appliance or fixture that is used the most in your kitchen?

It is not the stove or the refrigerator, but the sink. How do you select the best sink to install in your kitchen?

Kitchen sinks come in all shapes and sizes with varying features. Many companies manufacture and sell sinks, but we have handpicked Julien as one of the best in its kind.

If you are looking for a double bowl kitchen sink to get that additional space and functionality, Julien’s J18 025810 is the perfect option for you.

It comes in an elegant stainless steel finish and has some best-in-industry features that make installing it a win-win situation in most kitchens.

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Julien Kitchen Sink Reviews 2022: Features

First things first – here is a brief look at some of the essential features of the Julien J18 025810 Double Bowl Kitchen Sink that helped us pick it as our top recommendation.

  • The minimum cabinet width required to install this sink is 36″
  • The overall dimension of the sink is 32” x 17.5” x 8”, the left bowl measures 12” x 16” x 8”, and the right bowl measures 18” x 16” x 8”
  • Highly efficient sound dampening pads
  • Functional and stylish bottom grooves
  • Easy undermount installation

What did we like about it?

julien sinks reviewsWe believe in using products before recommending them, so we undertook the consumer experience. We got the Julien kitchen sink installed and used it extensively for a week to avoid missing out on vital information.

Now that you know the basics about this sink from Julien read on to find everything we liked about it. The benefits of this product validate its place as one of the best.


The J18 Collection from Julien focuses on best-in-class durability of products. The 025810 double bowl sink is made from high-quality, 18 gauge stainless steel. You can rest assured that when it comes to stainless steel kitchen sinks, this is one of the sturdiest options available in the market.

You might be thinking that if durability is to be maximized, a copper or granite sink is the best. As good as that argument is, this kitchen sink from Julien is strong enough to compete with its granite and copper competitors.

Simplicity is classy!

After using this kitchen sink, our belief in the statement “sometimes less is more” was re-established. There is not a lot of explicit design and detailing on this sink, but its elegant brushed stainless steel finish makes it complement other kitchen appliances. Every kitchen sink in the J18 series from Julien is handcrafted, giving each product a slight unique touch.

You will appreciate the simple yet classy look of this sink. Do not get fooled by the pictures you see online as they do not do justice to how beautiful this sink looks, especially after it is installed.

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Ergonomic Design

One of the most significant possible flaws of a kitchen sink is a faulty design. Imagine having to manually direct leftover food and waste toward the drain, or having difficulty reaching the sink’s corners while cleaning. There are many pricey sinks from reputed brands that suffer from frustratingly lousy design.

You can breathe a sigh of relief if you plan to buy the Julien Double Bowl Kitchen Sink as it has a perfect, ergonomic design that will make your kitchen activities time-saving and easy. We love the exceptionally seamless utility derived from this sink.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

There are only a handful of kitchen sinks out there that are as spacious as the J18 025810 from Julien. The double bowl design of this sink takes care of all your needs – the larger bowl to the right can comfortably accommodate all your oversized pots and pans for cleaning and the smaller bowl to the left can hold other standard utensils.

We especially like the thoughtful design and size of this sink. It eliminates the chances of spilling water out of the sink on to the floor even when you are cleaning a lot of dishes. We recommend that you clean this sink following the grain direction for best results.


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects of material and workmanship
  • ASME and CSA Certifications
  • Corrosion-resistant, residential grade stainless steel construction
  • Rear 3.5-inch drain placement coupled with flat sink bottom and straight bowl sides provides optimal functionality
  • The 0.75-inch corner radius makes it easy to clean all the hard-to-reach spots


  • Not suitable for relatively small kitchens with compact cabinets that measure less than 36 inches in width

Final Thoughts

If you have no requirement of a large kitchen sink and you rarely use oversized pots for cooking, we advise you to look for a smaller variant of this sink.

We are not taking anything away from Julien’s J18 025810, and we just loved it. Even though it is a bit expensive, we feel the price is justified given the features you get.

Till next time!

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