Belle Foret BFF3KITBI Single Bowl Fireclay Kitchen Sink Review

When you sit back and think about what the centerpiece of a kitchen is… what is it? Is it the fridge, the stove, the lighting? The answer is the sink. The sink is the center of attention when it comes to your kitchen, and if you’re into stylish centerpieces then this may be the right sink for you.

When it comes to unique farmhouse style kitchen sinks, it doesn’t get much better than the Belle Foret Apron front sink. This sink is perfect for anyone who is looking for a sleek and elegant sink design to go with virtually any kitchen. It doesn’t just stop at kitchens either, you can use it in a laundry room, or a workshop too.


The white fireclay material of the sink makes it both durable and beautiful to look at. This finishing that is used on this sink is made to change over a period of time, which means that it will acquire a rustic look the more that it gets used, however, the wear spots are normal and all part of what makes this sink unique. Because of the nature of this sinks finish, any food or liquid that comes in contact with it does have the potential to influence the look of the sink a little bit, so it is always a good idea to rinse the sink as soon as you are done using it to avoid damaging and permanently staining the surface.

Another aspect of this sink’s design that I find really neat is the undermount style of installation. Instead of sitting in a hole in the countertop like most other traditional sinks, the apron front sink is cut into the countertop from the front and is supported by cabinets or beams at the bottom to keep it from falling out. This creates a beautiful looking sink once it is installed.

This sink measures 23.5 inches long by 18.75 inches wide and is almost 9 inches deep, which is a generous size for a kitchen sink.

This sink requires a basket drain or a compatible garbage disposal system, neither of which are sold with the sink itself. However, any basket drain or garbage disposal system that is 3.5 inches across will probably get the job done just fine.

One common complaint about this sink is that there isn’t enough of a slope into the drain, so food and debris often get stuck in the corners of the sink. This is common with square, farmhouse style sinks. Rinsing the sink with a pullout tap is the way to solve this and you will never have to worry about leftover food particles in your sink again.

The best part about this sink is the price, it is at least two hundred dollars cheaper than sinks made by competing brands that with the similar quality and size.


Belle Foret Apron front sink would be a beautiful addition to any home. It is durable and well built and is sure to have your family members just begging you to tell them where you bought it.

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