How To Choose The Best Kitchen Faucet – 20 Industry Experts Give Their Advice

The kitchen faucet is one of the most important parts of the kitchen, if not the most. Just imagine yourself being in the kitchen at the moment of reading this. How many minutes do you usually spend without reaching the faucet? That’s why in this post we decided to ask 20 experts in 2 industries what are the most important features that we should look after when choosing the best kitchen faucet. Enjoy!

Mike Muccia

The kitchen is the centerpiece of developing the look, feel and emotion tied to the owner and the desired message about themselves that they want to deliver. Consider the choices: modern, antique, stainless steel, matte black, oil rubbed bronze are a mere sampling of available colors. In reality, while color is important, functionality must take the lead, followed closely by reliability.

It’s those reasons that Muccia Plumbing recommends Moen Arbor Motionsense kitchen faucets. Moen offers these faucets with a variety of touchless on/off means, eliminating any possibility of raw chicken and meat being mixed with other ingredients. They are quite easy to install, and in the event that a part is needed, Moen stands behind with their motto “Moen for life”. When you add it all up – a company that stands behind their product, offers a variety of colors and styles, and touchless on/off to minimize contamination, and make it easy to keep the kitchen clean, its an obvious choice for all our customers.


The materials that make up a kitchen faucet determine how long it can last while giving you top-notch performance. You need to ensure that you choose one that can resist corrosion, abrasion, and discoloration. A good kitchen faucet should also last for more than ten years without dripping issues. Kitchen faucets that are made from zinc or plastic should last for about five years. Ensure you get a warranty for your kitchen faucet so that you can get a replacement if the finishing starts wearing off quickly. Proper maintenance of your faucet can help prolong its lifespan.

Plumbers World

When we talk about the design of a kitchen faucet, we focus on the handle system. You have to choose a kitchen faucet with a comfortable handle system. The market offers both single and two-handle system kitchen faucets. A two-handle system is beneficial in that you can still use the faucet even when one of the handles goes out. A single handled faucet is ideal if you place large pots and vessels in the sink. You can use a single handle system kitchen faucet to regulate the flow of water efficiently. It is, however, less accurate compared to a kitchen faucet designed with a two-handle system.

Northern Boy From Pinterest

Most of us pay more attention to the design of kitchen faucets during shopping and less on how easy it is to set it up. Ensure you choose one that you can install without needing extra help. You should consider the number of holes that the faucet has. Make sure that the kitchen faucet you choose matches the specifications of your sink. This can guarantee you an easy installation. If your kitchen sink has three holes, get a faucet that has an equal number of holes for it to fit accordingly. Equipping yourself with the necessary information can prevent you from choosing the wrong fit.


Kitchen faucets come in different heights. While some of them are close to the sink, others are a bit further. High arc kitchen faucets give you a lot of working space over the sink. You can easily place a large pot under the faucet to fetch some water without struggling to lift it up. If there is a shelf next to your sink, a high arc faucet may not fit well. A high arc faucet can also block the view of your window if your sink is next to the window. If you need a more streamlined option, you can look for a low or mid-arc faucet.

Best Plumbers

You can conduct various kitchen tasks efficiently by choosing a kitchen faucet that is easy to maneuver. Be careful when shopping for a kitchen faucet and look for the right sprayer so that you can multitask with ease. Kitchen faucets are designed with different spray functions. You can either choose a pull-down, pullout or side spar faucet. A pull-down faucet is easy to handle since it can give you flexible water delivery. If you need one that is ideal for extended reach, choose this form. A pull-out faucet comes with a streamlined arc, which makes it suitable for compact spaces. A side spray faucet can simplify cleanup since it allows you to reach those hard to reach areas.

Michelle Croissant

Choosing a kitchen faucet is not easy. Here are the main aspects you should focus on in order to buy the best one.

First of all, the look is very important. Choose a faucet with the style that matches the hardware you already have: cabinet handles, tower bars, etc.

However, the look is not everything. Don’t compromise on the convenience and durability. After all, I bet you will be using your kitchen faucet all the time.

And finally, count the number of holes in your sink. Make sure it’s equal or more than the number provided for the faucet. I did this mistake once and had to return the faucet. You can always cover extra holes in the sink but you cannot make new ones!

Ken Jackson

The first question is what finish would you prefer? The most common is a chrome finish, but many people prefer a stainless steel or brushed nickel look because it will not show hard water stains as will chrome. There are many other color finishes available.

The second question is function: would you prefer a low spout or a high spout? Many consumers today prefer a higher spout to fill vases or clean pots and pans. Some models have a higher spout with a pull-out spray combination. Pull-out spray heads have become very popular as they are part of the faucet spout and are very handy when needed. You can still choose a faucet with a separate spray on the side.

The operating handle or handles are another personal choice. Single handle faucet designs are the most popular for design and simplicity but sometimes two-handle faucets are desired to match a certain look like a country kitchen sink. Single handle faucets also require less maintenance as generally there is only one cartridge to replace as the faucet ages rather than two parts on a two-handle faucet.

Many manufacturers offer lifetime warranty which should be considered when purchasing a new kitchen faucet as water quality will have a major effect on the life of the product and as a consumer you want to choose a faucet brand that will be there for you when you need it.

Jason moss

Choosing a kitchen faucet can be a fun but also challenging process. The first thing I like to do is go to my local big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes and see what’s on display. Once I find a couple I like aesthetically, I’ll then look on their website for reviews. Many times the reviews narrow down my options until I’m left with the winner. Unfortunately, you can’t always find what you’re looking for at stores so that’s where online search comes into play. I always start on Amazon and look for the best sellers with most 5 star reviews. If this doesn’t work, then I go to Pinterest and try to find something I like and hunt it down wherever it’s actually sold. As you can see, there are many ways to find a great kitchen faucet. It just takes a little patience and persistence sometimes.

Jay Lee

There are a number of things to consider besides the price when choosing a kitchen faucet. Things I would consider include the style and design of the faucet, how the faucet would be mounted, would the installation process be easy, the spout arc and the sprayer style, etc.

Steffan Dissing

A kitchen faucet should be chosen on the criteria of a perfect balance between design and function. The faucet should improve the work area and be easy to operate – even with greasy hands. A fitting with swivel spout is preferable to a fixed outlet spout. In this way, the tap is pushed out of the way when necessary and can be rotated between the two sides in a double sink.

For the open, architecturally embossed kitchen, a one-handle battery with clean lines is recommended, reflecting the cleanliness of the room. For the traditional kitchen, a two-way battery is recommended. Anxious cooks will appreciate a retractable spray nozzle and mousseur – both functions make it fun to clean pots and vegetables.

What should you look for?

Chrome and stainless steel fittings fit all types of kitchen. Shiny chrome accentuates the kitchen area and is a great complement to table tops and sinks of composite materials. Stainless steel is a material known for its antibacterial properties and provides a professional look.

You should look for a fixture with solid metal body and ceramic discs in the cartridge so that it is smooth and easy to use. A quality faucet should be able to last the whole life, so choose a timeless design.

It is not good for your wallet to buy a cheap faucet, as it will only take a few years before it has to be replaced. If you have a tight budget, try to save some money elsewhere in the kitchen.

Find a faucet that can be purchased with a long warranty – it shows the manufacturer is confident in making good quality products.

Before you decide on a particular solution, make sure that the water pressure in your home fits the desired faucet. To achieve optimum results, faucets often have a minimum water pressure of 1 bar.

Things to consider

It is important to emphasize that even though it seems easy to invest in a new faucet, it is not the case. Many believe that the only thing that you need to focus on is to choose a faucet that has a design that fits well with your personal style and at the same time goes well with the current decor in your kitchen.

In this regard, however, it should be emphasized that there are also many other aspects that need to be carefully considered. Therefore, it is important that you choose with the utmost care. Below you will find a number of questions that you should ask yourself if you are considering to invest in a new fixture for your kitchen:

  • How big a faucet do I want to buy?
  • Do I have any requirements for the material?
  • Should it have certain features such as boiling water, effervescent water, rinse or the like?
  • Should it be from a particular manufacturer?
  • How much should my next fixture cost?
  • Should it be equipped with a pull-out shower?
  • How should my next faucet look?

Aidan Grano

Always go for the kitchen faucet that matches your kitchen. Like the best toilet items, choose the one that has the best finish and matches your cabinet hardware.

I always prefer ceramic valves as they are easy to install and avoids dripping. Make sure the number of holes matches your sink. Avoiding this step often leads to trouble.

Regarding sprayer, pull down sprayer is my first choice as it gives you a good reach and is easy to use.

And last but not least, try to go for the brand items. They will ensure product quality and will be long-lasting. Always do a bit of research before buying, and you will not be sorry.


The market offers kitchen faucets that come with different prices. Before you embark on buying a kitchen faucet, you should have a budget and decide how much you are willing to spend on this equipment. Choosing the most expensive faucet does not necessarily guarantee the best performance. You should also avoid going for the cheapest product since it may not be the best option. Try to compare prices against the features that each brand offers for you to identify the right one that can meet your needs. Start your search with online sites such as Amazon to find out how much different brands costs.

Joe Borowy

The primary thing you should consider is the overall design of your kitchen. Generally, you want the faucet to match the color scheme of your countertops, cabinets, and floors. It should also match the color of the other hardware such as cabinet knobs and handles. If you have stainless or gold hardware, it’s best to match that theme with faucet selection.

The other consideration is function. Some people like more traditional, standard faucets with a single swivel handle, and some love the modern touchless faucets with electronic sensors. It’s a matter of preference, but the price is obviously a consideration as the more technologically advanced faucets can get very expensive.

Joshua Johnson

The faucet in the kitchen makes or breaks the kitchen. You can’t just expect the kitchen to have the gas stove, oven and cutlery compartment. Without the kitchen faucet, your kitchen is incomplete. While choosing the best kitchen faucet for your dream cooking station, you should consider a few things.

Make sure you are not falling in the trap of beautiful products. You want to use the kitchen faucet and not to stare at it and say “Wow! It’s beautiful!” 100 times a day. The best kitchen faucet comes with the features that you require in the kitchen, and not focus on the external aspects.

Single handle faucets are very convenient, in my opinion. It is easier to use the single handle faucet when your hands are dirty while working in the kitchen. Make sure you got that covered. And another important point: don’t overspend on the simple kitchen faucet! You can get a great kitchen faucet for less than $100 and sometimes above this price. Make sure to compare products, and your needs to shortlist the best ones.

Linzy Browne, My Plumber Heating Cooling & Electrical

Kitchen sink faucets come in many styles and finishes; the one you choose is dependent on your needs and if it can be installed in the sink you currently have. We have a two-step selection process and a few suggestions when deciding on a new kitchen faucet:

  1. First, you need to know the type of mount your sink requires. Most common mounts include an eight-inch center single hole mount or wall mount. Although wall mount faucets are usually for commercial use, there are some installed in residential homes too.
  2. Once you find the mounting needs for your sink, it’s time to select the features. It’s important to be mindful of who is utilizing the kitchen sink and what is it commonly used for.
  • Handles – Options include two-handle knob or single blade lever. Blade lever is most popular due to their ease of use. It is usable with one hand without the need to tightly grasp, pinch, or twist the wrist.
  • Spouts – It’s common to select a high spout in the kitchen with the intent to fill large cookware with water and ease for cleaning. You also need to consider if a sprayer is necessary. Sprayers provide pressure forced water which is helpful when cleaning and for maneuvering. There are three options which include pull down, pull-out or side sprayer.
  • Finishes – Commonly, faucets are either chrome, stainless steel, nickel or brushed nickel. But you can choose many other finishes, depending on the décor of your home.

So, which is right for you? This depends on the decor you are looking for, cooking style and your budget.

If the faucet needs to be of the economy type, you should look at two-handle with no extras features. These tend to be less costly. If you like to cook and have an active kitchen, we recommend a single lever faucet with a high spout. Add the pull-down sprayer and it will be easier for you when cleaning dishes and the sink area. As for décor, the manufacturers should have you covered with the look and finishes you want.

Plumber Parts

Whether you are buying your first kitchen faucet or replacing an old one, you should know the unique features that come with faucets. For instance, you need to choose one that has anti-scald features like thermostatic valves so that you can select your preferred temperature when performing different tasks. A good kitchen faucet should come with an easy to read dial for this purpose. Buy one with hot limit safety stops to reduce the risks of burns while using the faucet. It should also come with a pressure balancing valve which can protect your hands from drastic changes in temperature.

Plumbing Info

Since you probably spend too much time in your kitchen preparing meals and cleaning utensils, you need to choose a kitchen faucet that can give you hands-free convenience. Thanks to advanced technology, some of the kitchen faucets are made with MotionSense technology, which facilitates instant response. Compare kitchen faucets designed with sensors which can activate the flow of water. Due to touchless technology, such kitchen faucets can turn the water on and off easily so that you can complete different tasks fast. Choosing such a kitchen faucet also helps you reduce the spread of germs and prevent wasting water.


You need to choose a kitchen faucet that has a finish which matches your expectations. Look at your kitchen hardware and choose a faucet that can complement your decor. You can choose a kitchen faucet that can match the finish of your sink components like the sink hole cover, air gap, or soap dispenser. Kitchen faucets come with different finishes such as nickel, bronze or shiny chrome. The finish is not only for decoration purposes but also for protection. Finishes such as steel and chrome are easy to maintain since you only need to polish them once in a while.

Plumbing Local

Your kitchen faucet should make a statement. It should help you express your unique taste and make your kitchen stand out from others. Though some of the kitchen faucets are mounted at the center of a sink, choosing one that can be mounted on a wall can help your kitchen look more flashy and modern. Wall mount faucets also give you more space to fill large pots with water. You may, however, need to hire an expert if you have never mounted this kitchen faucet before. The design of your kitchen also determines if it is possible to mount a kitchen faucet direct to the wall.