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Furnishing your home can be an expensive deal, and bathroom fittings can make up for a big chunk of that.

This forces a lot of us to face the inevitable trade-off between aesthetics and modern-amenities since budget-friendly bathroom fittings usually lack one thing or the other.

But what if you could get premium-looking aesthetics and modern facilities – all packed into a range of products that costs less than half of what most top-tier brands charge you?

Sounds too good to be true? Well, let me introduce you to Kingston Brass!

Kingston Brass is a bathroom fittings manufacturer renowned for their antique-styled products – especially faucets.

So, just in case you were looking for a budget-friendly alternative to the premium brands, we have made things easier for you!

We have reviewed three of the best faucets by Kingston Brass to help you choose the best.

But before we begin, let’s get to know a little more about this brand.

About Kingston Brass

Kingston Brass is a California-based plumbing/kitchen and bath fittings manufacturing company that was founded back in 1998. The company was established with the vision of creating a range of budget-friendly products that incorporated ingenious design and top-quality materials that could work in any home.

Initially, the company had made a name for itself by utilizing local resources to create an impressive line-up of products which were up to the standards when it came to quality. Later, the brand underwent a digital transition and is now a well-known and respected manufacturer of bathroom fittings.

Today, Kingston Brass has over 20,000 designs in their inventory and boasts of a warehouse measuring over 200,000 square feet. The company also has 30 loading docks which ship the products directly to customers.

Kingston Brass Faucet Reviews 2022

Kingston Brass has a wide selection of products in the bathroom and kitchen fittings market, and you’ll most likely find almost everything that an average home requires. However, the company is most widely acclaimed for their faucets which are some of the best you can get your hands on in this price range!

Their faucets are based on traditional designs with a lot of them resembling faucets that were used until the 20th century. However, despite their old-school design, these models come equipped with all kinds of features that you’d expect out of a modern faucet.

So in order to help you out in choosing a faucet by Kingston Brass, we’ve reviewed three of their most popular models.

So let’s get started!


Two Handle
13 x 8.8 x 8 inches

Two Handle
13 x 8.8 x 8 inches

Two Handle
13 x 8.8 x 8 inches


KS1275AXBS Heritage Kitchen Faucet

kingston brass reviewsComing out right at the top of our list is one of the most popular models from their Heritage Collection. The KS1275AXBS Heritage Kitchen Faucet by Kingston Brass has a classy colonial elegance alongside a design that is engineered for enduring reliability.

This model features a solid brass construction along with a tarnish resistant finish which scores highly when it comes to durability. It also makes use of a drip-free ceramic disc cartridge that ensures excellent performance and long-lasting durability.

The attractive round curves and the Victorian-styled sprouts are embellished in a beautiful satin brass finish which makes this faucet one of the most attractive additions to your home.

This model features an 8-inch center set up along with a 360-degree swivel hook sprout. The double handles of the faucet move in 1/4th rotations which allow you to control the water volume with a max rate of 2.2 GPM at 60 psi.

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  • Sophisticated design – the aesthetics of this faucet are top notch, and they are definitely one of the most attractive models that you can get in this price range
  • Build quality is outstanding thanks to the full brass construction
  • Comes with a 10-year limited warranty
  • Might not work on a standard thickness granite countertop

KS1278TALBS Tudor

kingston brass faucet reviewsAt the second spot in our list is a model from their Tudor Collection. This model takes inspiration from the vintage designs of the mid-19th century and brings you an elegant faucet with a comprehensive set of modern features.

If you’re planning on designing a Victorian-themed kitchen or anything with an old-school flair to it, this is a perfect model for you to choose. The bridge design on these faucets is unique and highly desirable for anyone looking to create period-styled kitchens.

This faucet also features added detailing and extra architectural elements, along with a brushed nickel finish which is bound to stand out against your surrounding kitchen décor. The material used for the construction is also top-notch, and you can totally be assured of its durability.

The model also features a drip-free ceramic cartridge, a rotating swivel sprout, and a brass sprayer to facilitate an efficient usage!

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  • An attractive design featuring a Victorian-styled build. Highly recommended for people looking to create 1950s themed kitchens
  • The side sprayer and swivel abilities make for a reliant and sturdy fixture
  • There have been complaints of the sprayer not disengaging and allowing the free flow of water

KS1271ALBS Heritage Kitchen Faucet

kingston faucets reviewsComing in at the last spot in our list is yet another model from the Heritage Collection. This model is somewhat similar to the first model. However, it lacks a bunch of features that could have placed this one higher in the rankings.

With a polished chrome finish and a solid brass construction, the KS1271ALBS Heritage Kitchen Faucet scores highly when it comes to both aesthetics and durability. Like most of the models in their Heritage Collection, this one perfectly fits the appearance if you’re planning on a traditional-themed or a classic 1950s-styled kitchen!

This faucet features a four-hole installation and comes with a 1/4th turn ceramic disk cartridge for water volume control. It has a traditional bridge styled design and comes with double lever handles that control both the flow and temperature of water.

Overall, a good value for money product that has all the essential amenities and outstanding aesthetics!

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  • Features a side sprayer which can aid with a variety of kitchen tasks
  • Elegant design – perfect for traditional-themed kitchens
  • ADA Standards compliant
  • Covered under Kingston Brass’s 10-Year Limited Warranty
  • The faucet handle tends to leak badly, and you might need to get it fixed

Final Words

If you’re looking for affordable yet highly elegant and durable faucets for your kitchen or bathroom, Kingston Brass is a great brand to look into. Their models are outstanding when it comes to aesthetics – featuring Victorian-styled models that look amazing in a traditional-themed kitchen.

We hope that we’ve helped you out in choosing a product that suits your requirements!

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