Comllen High Arch Brushed Nickel Pull Out Sprayer Kitchen Faucet Review

comllen faucet reviewsWhich is the best faucet for your kitchen sink? How do you choose a faucet that will meet your needs without exceeding your budget?

An efficient faucet is undoubtedly one of the most vital parts of a well-functioning kitchen.

In the last couple of decades, kitchen faucets have transformed – they no longer look like simple tools but instead add a tonne of elegance and style to modern modular kitchen interiors.

So which kitchen faucet gives you the best of both worlds – looks and functionality? There are a few reputed brands out there with top-notch products, but we recommend Comllen’s High Arch Pull-Out Faucet.

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Comllen Faucet Reviews 2022: Why should you buy it?

We used this faucet extensively to gain a comprehensive understanding of its best features, what could be improved, and all the pros and cons. This faucet from Comllen comes at an affordable price, costing less than a hundred dollars. Let’s take a look at its win-win features.

Ergonomic Design

A prerequisite for optimal functionality of faucet is ergonomic design. We especially like the thoughtful design of Comllen’s High Arch faucet, which simplifies and accelerates nearly all kitchen tasks. The faucet has an overall height of about 22 inches, and the sprayer reaches out up to 9 inches.

The single handle allows for easy control and switching between hot and cold water. The pull out sprayer comes with 360-degree rotation, enabling you to reach the most difficult spots of the sink for cleaning.


The design includes premium ceramic discs and a brushed nickel finish to avoid corrosion and tarnish from heavy use. The brass body and zinc alloy handle are made using best-in-industry materials and processes to provide a durable, long-lasting faucet.

If you’re skeptical about its durability because of its low price and feel that it is not a quality product, we assure you that this is one of the sturdiest faucets you will find in the market. It weighs 8.5 pounds, so there is no gimmick – it delivers what it promises!


You will appreciate the versatility of this faucet. It can fit both 1/2” and 3/8” water supply hoses. We especially like the metal hose connector, which ensures that there are no leaks. It can be installed with most composite granite, stainless steel, and natural stone kitchen sinks.

You may switch between spray and stream modes by pressing a button. It also allows you to switch between hot and cold water quickly. The pull out sprayer offers significant room for more pans and pots in the sink.

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Ease of Use & After-sale Service

The Comllen faucet is easy to install, featuring deck mounted one hole installation. You will have to order the base plate separately though, as it is not included with the faucet. The pull-out sprayer and dual modes of spray and stream make for a hassle-free experience using this faucet.

The product comes with ten years of warranty and Comllen offers excellent customer service. If you face any problems, it will not be challenging to get the product fixed or replaced.

What could’ve been better?

Perfection is hard to come by, especially in the case of kitchen fittings like faucets. While Comllen’s faucet is an excellent product, it has scope for improvement. Here is what we think could have been better:

The base plate for covering sinkholes is not included with the faucet, and you will have to order it separately which can be a hassle.

The button to switch between spray and stream functions is not the sturdiest. Some customers have faced issues with the button as it has malfunctioned a couple of months after installation.



  • One of the most reasonable pull-out sprayer faucets in the market
  • Comes with ten years warranty
  • Features an ergonomic design and is easy to install, use, and clean
  • Durable build



  • The faucet is bulky and heavy, so you should ensure that your kitchen sink and cabinet are large enough to accommodate it


No kitchen faucet in the market will be universally optimal for everybody. Your requirements might vary based on whether you are a homeowner or a professional chef at a restaurant.

Kitchen faucets are available in all shapes and sizes and offer a diverse array of features. Most importantly, faucet prices range from less than a hundred bucks to multiple thousands.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive but effective faucet that looks good, our recommendation of Comllen’s faucet will not disappoint.

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