Waterstone 5500-CH Annapolis Single Handle Kitchen Faucet Review

We love ourselves a good faucet, and we know you do too.

We like seeing that piece of engineering perfection sitting like a graceful swan (well, an upside-down swan but whatever) on our countertop.

What we don’t like so much is our faucet leaking, going rusty, ceasing to work when needed or just ruining the looks of your swanky kitchen with its mere presence.

We know you don’t like that too, so if your faucet is acting up (or if its presence is making you act out), then it’s time to upgrade with a Waterstone faucet.

The product we’re featuring today is the Waterstone 5500-CH (hereafter referred to as the Waterstone, for convenience). Before we tell you what makes it so great, here’s a little about the product itself.

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Waterstone Faucets Reviews 2022: Features

  • Comes in a conventional C-spout design
  • Spout swivels 360 degrees
  • Spray head pulls out to 18 inches and has two spray modes
  • Includes an adjustable handle tension ring to modulate feel and prevent sag
  • Spray hose is counterbalanced for easy handling and locks into place
  • Made of solid brass and available in 30 finishes

Now, here’s why we like the Waterstone so much.

Why we like the Waterstone

After installing and testing the Waterstone faucet on our countertop and using it fairly frequently for an extended period, we are glad to report that the Waterstone is worth every penny of its asking price.


The design of the Waterstone leans on the traditional side of things.

It’s a conventional C-spout design and looks amazing, even more so when it’s paired with a kitchen that isn’t very minimal (if your kitchen resembles, say, a Victorian-style kitchen, this faucet is for you).

The faucet features a single handle mounted to its body, and there is an additional handle mounted to the sprayer to switch between spray modes.

In our opinion, while the handle on the faucet’s body looks good, the one on the sprayer looks slightly out of place. However, it does little to ruin what is a gorgeous faucet.


If the design didn’t catch your eye, the sheer length of the feature list must have. I mean, it goes on and on!

We’re glad to report that the features aren’t flimsy one-time-use party gimmicks; they do work when you want them to.

The sprayer pulls out 18 inches for convenient cleaning, and spray modes can be switched by using the lever on the head.

The faucet swivels 360 degrees and coupled with the sprayer, that makes for one useful faucet. While using the faucet, you’ll notice that it handles its weight really well and using it is a breeze, and that’s due to the presence of a counterweight in the head.

When you’re done using the spray head, simply lock it back into place.

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Yes, you really can get the Waterstone in 30 finishes! The Waterstone comes in any color you could possibly want, including but not limited to brown, bronze, a pinkish-beige, gold… you get the idea!

We had the chance to test the Chrome variant, and we were impressed with the finish. It is shiny enough for it to catch your eye when sunshine falls on it, yet not too shiny for it to look garish. There were no signs of the faucet being prone to tarnishing, chipping or corroding, even though the water in our area wasn’t the softest.

Installation and operation

The Waterstone faucet installs very easily. It requires a single-hole countertop configuration and comes with braided hoses, so you can be sure that they’ll fit into place easily and won’t leak even after years of use.

Coming to the operation, as mentioned earlier, the sprayer head allows for two spray modes, and we found the aerated stream to be best suited for light (dare we say ‘graceful’?) tasks, whereas the wide spray is best suited for heavy-duty tasks.

The ceramic disc valve cartridge does a wonderful job of managing water flow, and, coupled with the braided hoses, this is one reliable faucet.


  • Comes in 30 well-judged finishes and a single C-spout design
  • Sprayer features spray modes and extends up to 18 inches
  • Features a unique counterweighted spray head, an industry first


  • Slightly pricey
  • High flow rate equates to high water consumption


The Waterstone is a great option if you’re looking to upgrade your old tired kitchen faucet. It looks great, is absolutely loaded with features and has enough top-quality parts to last it a lifetime.

If you are going to make one faucet purchase for the next five years, this one must be it.

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