AquaSource Chrome 2-Handle Widespread WaterSense Bathroom Sink Faucet Review

You might be thinking that the faucet in the bathroom sink doesn’t matter as much as flooring, countertops, and lighting.

But this small element can add value, character, and quality to your bathroom by complementing the style of your home.

If you’re upgrading or remodeling your bathroom, you should know that the latest top-notch fixtures with tough finishes have made leaking, dripping, and corroded faucets a thing of the past.

And today, the faucets made by premium brands tend to be pretty reliable, which makes it even more challenging to select the right model from the sheer volume of options.

However, we’ve got you covered in this guide with a review on the Double Handle Sink Faucet by AquaSource to give you a clear picture of its benefits.

So let’s get started!

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Aquasource Faucet Review 2022: Why should you buy this product?

Modern design

aquasource faucet reviewIf you’re looking for a faucet with clean lines and a refined style, you’re going to love this product by AquaSource. The chrome finish gives the faucet a shiny, silvery exterior that has a mirror-like clarity when it’s clean. It enhances the overall look and feel by adding a touch of elegance while the minimal and straightforward design makes it stand out from the other units.


This bathroom sink faucet comes with two handles – one for cold and one for hot water. It’s a standard feature in most of the modern design faucets. With a double handle, you can adjust the water flow as well as the temperature, making it quite convenient for you.

Plus, it has a high spout, which adds a dramatic style and gives a sense of space in the sink. It gets more comfortable for you to wash anything on the sink without having to struggle with a low-profile faucet getting in your way. And we find this product to be an ideal choice for medium to large-sized bathrooms.

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Easy installation and maintenance

AquaSource Double Handle Sink Faucet has a widespread fit with a 3-hole mount installation, and it’s best if you hire a professional for setting this unit up because it won’t take them more than 15-20 minutes. Also, if you’re trying to get this done by yourself, you should follow the instruction manual carefully to avoid any damage.

For the cleaning part, we recommend you to select the natural cleaners to protect the beautiful chrome finish, as abrasive cleaners can strip the exterior luster very quickly.

Aesthetic beauty

This is another essential feature that you need to consider when buying a faucet. And this unit has a modern, eye-catching design with high aesthetic appeal.

The polished chrome finish on the exterior of the faucet not only gives a shiny gloss that perfectly showcases the minimalist design but also provides tarnish prevention.

Moreover, the color and exterior finish will match all styles of bathroom decor, which is a bonus. Not to forget, this product ensures to deliver products that come with high durability to withstand the onslaughts of regular use.

What could’ve been better?

Though the AquaSource bathroom sink faucet is an incredible unit, we observed one drawback that is worth mentioning, and that is its instruction manual. Before we started seeking professional help to install this unit, we expected it to be DIY-friendly.

But the instruction manual was not easy for us to follow, and we found it hard to align the washer hole with the central spout. The instruction manual will indeed be easier for someone with prior knowledge related to plumbing work.

However, this downside is not a deal-breaker because the quality of the product is pretty high-grade with brilliant craftsmanship.



  • Easy installation with minimal features
  • Chrome finish evokes a vintage, classy look
  • Brilliant faucet design which can easily complement any bathroom decor
  • Includes a faucet drain



  • The instruction manual is not easy to follow


The right sink faucet can effortlessly enhance and uplift the overall look of your bathroom immensely, and this AquaSource Faucet makes for an ideal choice to complement the interior design scheme that you’ve in mind, be it for conventional or modern space. Plus, it doesn’t compromise on the quality to deliver this faucet with an affordable price tag.

Even though it’s a little challenging to follow the instruction manual, you can enjoy the benefits of this product by seeking professional help.

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