California Widespread Faucet with Cross Handles Review

Can’t quite put your finger on the perfect faucet for your kitchen?

Do even the best faucets today feel a little… standard for you?

Do you know why we adore medieval architecture and design? Because the emphasis wasn’t on comfort, but on making the structure as grandiose as possible.

Well, thankfully, as consumerism has risen, so has the demand for custom-made products, and that is where the California kitchen faucet comes into play. It is convenient and does not trade grandiosity off in the process.

Unlike the standardized faucets available on the market today, each California faucet is custom-made to suit your requirements.

However, the customized nature of California faucets does not imply that quality is compromised, nor do they scrimp on quality, but more on that later.

Moreover, to add to the “oddball” nature of the faucet (that’s a good thing here, who wants to fit in?), it comes in a “widespread” configuration, meaning it looks different than the sleek but dull minimalistic faucets of today.

So, why settle for what everybody else wants when you can get what you want?

But first, let’s take you through California’s features.

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California Faucets Reviews 2022

  • Comes in a “widespread” style with the handles sitting on their platforms
  • The spout reaches to six inches (center-to-center)
  • Comes with two brass handles in a cross-style
  • Available in 30 finishes, of which 15 are available as PVD finishes
  • Made of high-quality solid brass
  • Features ¼ turn state-of-the-art ceramic disc valve cartridges
  • The flexible hoses are braided to ensure leak-free performance
  • Sports 1-¼ inch brass touch-style pop-up drain assembly
  • Each faucet is a brilliant example of top-class craftsmanship
  • The maximum flow rate is rated at 1.2 gallons-per-minute
  • Quality controls meet or exceed all the relevant government requirements

Now, let’s get to the actual review itself.

What we like about the California faucet

We fitted the California faucet in our kitchen and used it for quite a while, and we’re happy to report that there is a lot to like about this faucet. Here are what we like about it:

The design

california faucets reviewsThis point should be quite obvious, but we simply couldn’t get over how good it looked in our kitchen!

From admiring the smooth curve of the arc to the finish of those cross-style handles, California Widespread will surely be a perfect companion to your designer kitchen.

In many ways, California Widespread is the best of the handbuilt and mechanized worlds. It looks as good as a handbuilt product and has the quality of a machine-made item, and speaking of quality…

The quality

Don’t let California’s crafted nature fool you into thinking it’ll come loose into your hand on the first use.

Far from it, the quality of California Widespread is right up there with some of the best faucets we’ve reviewed.

Can we tell that the faucet is maybe not quite as refined as the other faucets? Perhaps, perhaps not, because you’d have to be a first-rate nitpicker to know the difference!

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California’s operation is incredibly smooth and using it is a pleasure.

Perhaps that’s down to the ceramic disc valve cartridge which powers the faucet. Don’t know what that means? Basically, that means that California utilizes state-of-the-art technology to handle the splashy (or not) side of operations!

Further, we believe the braided hoses will ensure operation remains smooth and leak-free, as braided hoses are much tougher than standard hoses.

Also, the maximum flow rate of 1.2 gallons-per-minute is just about adequate, meaning it does not splash much and does not consume much water.


Installing the faucet is slightly tackier than installing other faucets, because the handles are separate from the spout, meaning you’ll have to do some extra routing to get the faucet to work.

However, the braided hoses we mentioned earlier, apart from being great for reliability, are also great for installation because you can handle them in pretty much any way you want, knowing that they won’t crack or leak.


  • Crafted rather than assembled
  • Fit and finish are of the highest grade
  • Way too many options to choose from
  • Sculpted spout and designer handles look elegant
  • Ceramic cartridge offers smooth and leak-free operation
  • Complies with all relevant government requirements


  • Design barely makes up for lack of features
  • Flow rate could’ve been higher


While California Widespread isn’t a very feature-laden faucet, it is worth considering. It is different when compared to the rest of the field, and it looks gorgeous without sacrificing quality. It’ll be a great addition to your designer kitchen.

Happy washing!

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