Whitehaus Forever Hot One Handle Single Hole Hot Water Dispenser Kitchen Faucet

Buying a faucet is a bit like buying a phone.

There was once a time when you didn’t have much choice while buying a phone; it was either a Nokia, Motorola or Sony Ericsson. But now, there are hundreds of manufacturers with hundreds of models, and choosing between them is a daunting task.

Similarly, faucets have become so varied and complex that choosing one is a nightmare, and the chances of buying a “lemon” are tenfold.

To prevent you from buying a “lemon”, we’re featuring one of the best faucets on the market today, the Whitehaus Forever Hot Faucet.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

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Whitehaus Faucet Reviews 2022: Why should you buy this product?


whitehaus faucet reviewsFirst impressions are last impressions, and the Forever Hot faucet does make a dashing first impression.

It comes in three finishes: a brushed nickel finish, which has a faded (intentionally) appearance and would look best in kitchens with yellowish lighting; a chrome finish which is incredibly shiny and would suit airy, well-lit kitchens; and a polished chrome finish which really brings out the best of Forever Hot’s skilled staff.

The choices offered are tasteful and are backed up by impeccable quality, meaning that the finish will last, even during prolonged exposure to sunlight, dust, and grime.

Our personal favorite is the brushed nickel finish, which suits the traditional design (more on that later) of this faucet perfectly, though the others look just as nice!


The design of the Forever Hot faucet is best described as “traditional”.

The spout has a small protrusion on top which is reminiscent of royal faucets, and the stem itself is curved, providing an elegant and sophisticated look to the whole setup.

The theme continues with the single lever which is delightfully weighty and reminds one of the kind of faucets one might find in Buckingham Palace!

Keeping in mind the intended use of the faucet (it is primarily a drinking water faucet, though it can be used for most other purposes as well), the design is very well-judged because the high spout makes it easier for you to stick containers or your mouth near the mouth of the spout.


As you might have guessed already, the Whitehaus Forever Hot Kitchen Faucet is operated by a solitary lever located on the left-hand side of the faucet’s body. It is not burdened with acting as a lever for hot and cold temperature settings, as this faucet, as you might have guessed again, delivers hot water only.

While some may view this a downside of the faucet, we like to think of it like this: it is built for a single purpose, which reduces complexity, cost and increases durability.

The faucet does not come with multiple holes like most modern faucets do. Instead, it utilizes a big single hole for its spraying functions. This maintains the overall traditional theme of the faucet and also makes it easier to clean.

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Installing the Whitehaus is a very easy task, as the faucet fits countertops with holes up to 2.5 inches in diameter. The Whitehaus does not ship with a deckplate or connection hoses so you will have to source those yourself (the former is optional while the latter is necessary).

While installing a faucet is a DIY job for some, the chances of a mess-up are high, so professional installation is strongly recommended.

What could have been better?

While we appreciate the traditional theme Whitehaus have gone for with the Forever Hot, we’re not sure if everyone will, because classic designs are not to everyone’s tastes.

Unfortunately, and this is no fault of Whitehaus, going for a niche theme means the product is bound to divide opinion, but since the Forever Hot has its fair share of criticizers, we’re afraid it’s biggest selling point is also its main weakness.

We can forgive Whitehaus for the design, but we believe that the aptly-named Forever Hot shouldn’t be… forever hot. One expects a regular faucet to supply both hot and cold water, so making a faucet specifically for one kind of temperature seems redundant.



  • Beautiful traditional design
  • The finish is top-class and looks amazing
  • Operation and cleaning are simple
  • Comes from a reputed brand



  • The single-temperature operation might sour the deal
  • The design might not be to everyone’s tastes


The Whitehaus Forever Hot Kitchen Faucet is a very good choice for those looking to buy one for hot water. It features a beautiful traditional design, the operation is simple, and the finish is top-class. It is one of the best faucets on the market today and we wholeheartedly recommend buying one.

Happy washing!

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