FREUER Drammatico Pull Out Spray Kitchen Sink Faucet Review

Pulldowns being sheer works of genius is one thing. But having a spectacularly beautiful pulldown that lights up even the most basic and bare counters could be a hard-to-find gem!

Even though the technology is coming up with some shockingly beautiful kitchen decor ideas by the day, getting just the ideal faucet that can stun and function at the same time is still a pretty tough feat to achieve.

However, by no means does this mean that you would have to settle for any less than the absolute best. In this review, we’re going to be reviewing one of the most beautiful pull-out sprays that belong to the house of Freuer coming from its Drammatico Collection.

Housing a highly functional water dispensing unit in a singularly stunning oil-rubbed bronze exterior, this faucet definitely exudes some real magic along with the water that sparkles your dishes!

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Freuer Faucets Reviews 2022: Why buy this product?

freuer faucets reviewsOne of the main reasons that you should absolutely buy this faucet is simply for the way it looks. The perfect bronze oil-rubbed exterior not only takes the style bar high up in the department of ornamental kitchen faucets, but it actually changes the way one feels about the chore of washing dishes itself.

If you gotta do what you gotta do, why not do that in full glam mode? And regarding how functional the item could be, we have absolutely no reservations after having tried it ourselves to give you an honest opinion of it.

And here are what we have absolutely fallen in love with:

Solid, oil-rubbed brass construction

The faucet is made entirely out of brass which flushes the concerns of cracking and breaking of the unit right down the drain. That makes it an extremely durable and weatherproof kitchen faucet. The oil-rubbed finish of the unit makes for a stunning appeal that is both glamorous and unique, reflecting a beautiful mix of the modern and the vintage in form and design.

The texture is done to perfection by a high-tech multi-layering process that makes it resistant to weathering, staining, rusting or chipping of any sort.

Ceramic-disk cartridges

Ceramic-disk cartridges are some of the most formidable and durable elements for guaranteeing a perfectly leak-proof, smoothly performing faucet mechanism. And it is even a notch higher up than ordinary metallic valves. This warrants a perfectly anti-leak system that will hold up under immense pressure of use without cracking or breaking.

Ceramic-disks are so much cleaner than cheap metallic alternatives that may rust and break, causing contamination. This helps you get only the cleanest, purest and freshest water for washing your dishes, vegetables and other items.

Ease of Installation

One of the major concerns of a getting a faucet is always regarding its installation which can often make or break a faucet deal. We were impressed to find that this faucet does not pose any problem whatsoever in the installation process.

Additionally, it also provides you with every instruction for installation and hardware fixtures along with US-standard fittings. This makes the overall installation considerably easier than what is offered by most other faucets.

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Intelligent sprayer designs and durable hose pipe structures

We absolutely love the Freuer’s single-push button-controlled sprayer on a spout that measures approximately 21”. This ensures an extremely satisfying washing experience, allowing you to switch seamlessly between a gushing and bubbling aerated stream and a sharp spray that cuts those stubborn food stains right off your dishes.

The standard ⅜” compression fittings in the mechanism essentially aid in conserving water by regulating the flow. You get just the required amount of water for daily culinary purposes.

Also, the 16” faucet-hose features an extremely durable braided, stainless steel pull-out metallic encasement which prevents kinks or breakages in the structure, ensuring a pretty durable performance overall.

What could have been better?

If we could point out one flaw in the entire design or mechanism of this faucet, it would only be fair to say that the outlet or spigot and joints could take an effort to clean out externally. This is because of the extremely narrow waterway of the faucet design.

Also, the faucet arm may seem to be a bit wobbly which can be a defect in the design for all we could tell.



  • Immensely durable and absolutely beautiful overall construction
  • Leak-proof ceramic cartridges
  • Easy to install
  • Efficient spray design for better cleaning



  • Could be difficult to clean
  • Joints could be a bit loose


So that was it for our extensive review of the pull-out spray kitchen faucet from Freuer. We hope you enjoyed this read.

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