Riobel CY101C Cayo Kitchen Faucet Review

Kitchen faucets are the ultimate style elements that redefine the entire decor of the place.

These are also the first thing that one notices when they enter a kitchen. And if you have a broken, leaky faucet flowing over a dirty sink, then those beautiful wallpapers aren’t going to save the day for you.

Even though the recent developments in what we affectionately call “faucet-science” have brought some revolutionary designs, many still falter when it comes to delivering in quality than just layout.

Fortunately, there have been certain brands that have single-handedly managed to impress with their faucet designs, winning equally in style as well as in quality.

And one such awesome brand is Riobel that opens up a spectacular range of absolutely stunning faucets endowed with an infallible mechanism that provides clean water in the chicest way!

And today, we’ll be reviewing the CY101C Cayo kitchen faucet from Riobel, which stands to be one of their absolute best-sellers.

Have a look!

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Riobel Faucet Reviews 2022: Why buy this product?

riobel faucet reviewsAs we have previously mentioned, when it comes to the functionality to style ratio regarding kitchen faucets, it is almost always difficult for most brands to get the math right. We might often find ourselves in soup over a broken faucet that not only leads to a considerable loss of water but takes no time in becoming a breeding ground for bacterial infestation contaminating the water we use to wash our dishes with.

But, this is where Riobel seems to have nailed the game with just the correct proportions of both elements for bringing you a product that will bewitch every eye and satisfy every heart with its performance.

The CY101C from Cayo is a stunning kitchen faucet that’s done in a chrome finish. You can also get this model in stainless steel finish.

It impressed us in every measure when we tested it out for ourselves with some of the most exciting features that a modern faucet could offer to make the dishwashing chore easier.

A ⅜” Speedway Compression System

The unique speedway compression that this faucet comes with is what ensures a satisfying stream of water for efficiently cleaning the dirt and stains right off your dishes. One of the things that it does is prevent the water pressure from lessening at any point of time so that you can clean up a large number of dishes within no time at all.

This also prevents wastage of water by providing just the required amount of it for cleaning up.

Ceramic Cartridge

A ceramic cartridge is one of the essentials in the faucet mechanism and is extremely important when it comes to quality. Ceramic cartridges ensure a leak-proof faucet performance and are usually a more hygienic option than ordinary metal ones.

This is because leaks could cause bacteria and algae to grow on the leaking portions of the tap and contaminate the water stream flowing out of it. The ceramic cartridge in this faucet ensures the longevity of the product with leak-proof performance and nothing but pure, clean water for kitchen use.

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A polyester and polypropylene hose with integrated swivel

So this is precisely what we meant when we said brilliant designs and features on this Riobel faucet! It comes with a marvelous polypropylene and polyester water hose that is incredibly durable and performs smoothly even under high pressure, forming no kinks.

The integrated swivel spout ensures no part of the sink is unclean, covering the maximum area while cleaning and leaving absolutely no dirt behind anywhere on the counter.

A two-jet pull-out spray

The two-jet pull-out spray on Riobel Cayo is all you need to get those stubborn stains right off your dishes. This lets you switch smoothly between a gushing aerated stream and a sharp jet that would cut through the toughest stains. This makes your scrubbing job easier and significantly less time-consuming.

What could have been better?

Not that we found anything that we could complain about this faucet, but the only thing that we wish it had was a scratch-resistant surface. The finish is beautiful but prone to scratching and staining. It just loses its luster after a point of time, and that could be quite irksome given that it does come at a pretty expensive price tag.



  • Brilliant design and overall construction
  • Comes with anti-leak ceramic cartridge
  • Superior two-jet pull-out spray system for better cleaning
  • Easy installation



  • Doesn’t have a scratch-proof or stain-resistant finish


So that was our review on the Riobel CY101C Cayo kitchen faucet. Hope you liked what we had to say about it and know better about the mechanism of the faucet.

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