Hotis High Arch Single Handle Stainless Steel Pull Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet

hotis faucet reviewsThe Hotis range of commercial high arch faucets is designed to be one of the cleanest and sophisticated home-based kitchen appliances out there in the market.

With an eco-friendly low lead standard and amazing durability and performance, these faucets are simply one of the best when it comes to providing homeowners something very unique to add to their kitchen space.

However, what makes the Hotis faucet so very amazing and a must buy for every kitchen renovation job is the versatility of use. The sprayer that the faucet comes with allows various modes of use by allowing you to adjust the pressure flow of the water to suit multiple applications.

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Hotis Faucet Reviews 2022: Why should you go for it?

Durable and reliable deck plate

The Hotis faucet has a very reliable pull-down single-handle which, apart from having a high level of functionality, can easily withstand days of rough use.

The brushed nickel polish along with the ceramic disc valve helps the faucet withstand scratches as well as corrosion, thereby making it one of the most durable models today. The single handle makes it extremely easy to use, and you can very conveniently adjust and control the levels of hot and cold water flow.

Amazing Functionality

As we have mentioned before, the spray head is what makes the Hotis faucet so very versatile and a must have for any modern kitchen.

Apart from granting the faucet much of its clean and minimalist appeal, the sprayer head allows three separate modes of uses as well.

The stream, spray and pause options are what sets the Hotis range apart from the rest of the competition, allowing them to be incredible “all purpose” faucet models.

The stream mode is where the faucet is used to fill a utensil with water, while the spray mode is specifically for rinsing. The pause mode, on the other hand, is used to avoid accidental splattering and splashing when multitasking with the faucet.

Another aspect of the sprayer which we absolutely love is the “power sprayer” option. Not many modern-day faucets are able to do deep or rather heavy duty food residue cleaning all that well. However, for the Hotis, cleaning out the larger utensils thoroughly feels like a breeze with this specific option.

Not only will it get the toughest stains out in practically no time, but avoid a lot of water wastage by minimizing splash and spillage as well.

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Convenience and ease of use

The classical single handle designs make the Hotis faucet quite easy to use as it will help you control the amount of hot and cold water that flows through it.

Installation is another aspect which indeed is hassle-free and quite easy to pull off with this faucet model. You can do it alone as a kind of a DIY project and not have to rely on professional help in any way.

The Hotis also comes in two separate 1 or 3 hole installation options along with a pull down 17-inches water hose to improve use and maneuverability, making everyday task and installation much more convenient.

Moreover, the ceramic disc cartridge is also NSF certified and comes with an additional filter to reduce not just excessive noise but filter debris as well.

What about the Hotis Faucet could have been better?

No matter how amazing the 3 mode sprayer head is, we have a slight problem with it when it comes to the pause button.

For the pause feature to work, one will need to press down on the button, and only then will the water stop for a longer time. Releasing it will make the water flow again, which can get quite inconvenient if you want to do something else and don’t want to turn off the tap completely and lose all your hot and cold water setting.

A button which can hold the water indefinitely with just a tap would be the most ideal.



  • Minimalist contemporary design, fit for any modern kitchen space
  • Comes with a 3 spray features making an incredibly versatile faucet
  • Durable brushed nickel finish along with a reliable deck plate
  • Easy to install and equally easy to use



  • The pause button needs to be held onto for the water to stop

Final Thoughts

With a contemporary design and amazing functionality to boast, the Hotis faucets can be an amazing choice for any homeowner to opt into. Not only will it blend into all forms of kitchen designs but go amazingly well with different appliances as well.

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