Elements of Design Magellan EB758SP High Arch Kitchen Faucet Review

When it comes to modern day home and kitchen faucets, most of the popular models today are made specifically with design in mind.

They are not manufactured to be all that durable. But as they are conceived to be so very stylish, they often become the centerpiece of your home or any other living space.

But, with this very lack of durability, performance gets hampered in the long run. And you will have to replace or repair your expensive faucet every now and then.

And this is precisely where Magellan from Elements of Design steals the show.

Not only is this faucet incredibly stylish, but it has a fantastic long lasting build which allows it to provide optimal performance for years.

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Elements of Design Faucets Reviews 2022: Why should you go for it?


elements of design faucets reviewsAs we’ve mentioned before, one of the most amazing features of the Magellan is how it seamlessly combines style and durability to provide homeowners with one of the best kitchen appliance tools in the market.

The Magellan is fabricated from solid brass material, thereby making it one of the most durable faucets out there today. Reliability is also another aspect that it excels in. And due to its premium color finish, not only is it able to resist tarnish but corrosion as well. Plus, it gives a long lasting performance that hardly decays over time.


In terms of accessibility and ease of installation, we found the Magellan to be quite convenient. It comes with a two handle deck mount along with a four-hole sink application that will help you to set it up either in an already existing installation space (if you’re replacing a faucet) or a new one.

The swivel spout also allows 360 degrees turning feature, along with a maximum pressure of 60 PSI. This will allow you to get rid of the toughest stains and residual food particles off your utensils, while the side spray opens up a vast category of applications and uses.

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The polished steel look and metallic shine, along with the ABS side spray, gives the Magellan a certain visual appeal. This allows it to fit both modern and traditional kitchen spaces rather perfectly. The curved hooks and the structure design impart a certain unique aesthetic that helps it to become the centerpiece of any space you install it in.

All in all, the faucet can be a great conversation starter for all your social events. Its drip-free, washerless cartridge keeps the faucet very environment-friendly and helps it to save up on water use.

The “duraseal” valve prevents any form of accidental water spillage, and unlike other standard faucets, it will help you to save significantly on all your home water charges.

The Warranty

Not many faucet manufacturing companies provide their products with a substantial amount of warranty. They usually limit it to 3-5 years and will not always cover manufacturing or transporting defects.

Elements of Design provides the Magellan with a fantastic 10-year limited warranty to the consumers and covers areas such as manufacturing defects, design flaws, and accidental shipping damage.

What could have been better?

One of the major gripes that we have with this faucet model is with the sprayer. Sure, the Magellan’s sprayer may open up possibilities for a variety of applications and uses, but we felt that it wasn’t as well made as the rest of the faucet.

While the faucet is made of brass with a metallic polish, the sprayer in comparison feels like cheap plastic. It’s quite delicate and can break after repeated and rough use.

Moreover, we found the water pressure of the spray hose to be quite inadequate as well. Even after replacing the aerator for the model, we were not able to get a sufficient amount of force, and this can feel somewhat disappointing to a lot of users.


  • Extremely durable build and design
  • Easy to use and install
  • Stylish modern design goes amazingly well with all types of kitchen
  • Great warranty


  • The sprayer is delicate and can get damaged easily
  • The sprayer doesn’t provide enough water force


The Magellan faucet is just amazing when it comes to providing a kitchen with a stylish and durable appliance. And if a sprayer with low durability and water pressure is not all that much of a problem for you, then this faucet may just be what you’re looking for.

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