Friho Lead-Free High Arch Single Handle Two Spouts Kitchen Sink Faucet

friho faucet reviewsIf you’re in the lookout for a faucet which boasts amazing water flow through both primary head and the sprayer, then Friho might just have what you’re looking for!

Their modern line-up of brushed nickel faucets provides an all-purpose utility build to help with the dirty dishes and vegetable washing in practically no time.

Not only are these faucets designed elegantly, but they are manufactured to be incredibly durable and withstand years of rough use. That too without the need for either repair or even replacement.

And even though Friho is quite a new name to the kitchen appliance scene, their faucet models are steadily gaining popularity in recent times.

They have been a reliable go-to for both professional and DIY kitchen renovators alike.

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Friho Faucet Reviews 2022: What makes it a must-have?

When it comes to the modern kitchen space; a visually appealing and reliable faucet is perhaps one of the most important things to have.

So what makes the Friho faucet one of the best picks for any kitchen renovation work?

Build design and quality

The Friho comes with an incredibly elegant and sophisticated design. It takes up minimalism as the basis behind its conception and does away with much of the unnecessary features that its competitors come with.

The Friho’s simplistic appeal is what makes it such an attractive option. And apart from the structure, the brushed nickel polish goes a long way in maintaining that sophistication as well.

However, looks are not the only thing that this polish is good for. It makes the faucet amazingly durable and keeps it not only scratch-free but corrosion resistant as well.

It’s also environmentally-friendly and meets the lead-free standard allowing it to be safe for use by all members of the family.

The base body of the faucet is made out of a solid brass casting, which makes the Friho long lasting as well as withstand damage from external physical forces and not chip or break all that easily.

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Ease of Use and Installation

The Friho Commercial Brushed Nickel Faucet is indeed one of the easiest to install faucet models in the market.

You can either try and make it a little DIY project for yourself or call on any other forms of professional help to get you on your way to using this amazing product.

As it has a high-arch two spouts design, the Friho comes with a 360-degree rotating feature which not only allows a lot of room for the installation but for a variety of sink based activities as well.

From cleaning out smaller dishes to deep cleaning larger utensils to remove the more difficult food residue, the Friho will allow you to do a lot more in your kitchen than what a standard faucet would. Additionally, its hot and cold features come with flexible hoses which include 3/8 inches of a female compression thread.

This female compression thread has a 1/2 inch adapter which along with the unique handle features makes balancing out the hot and cold water as effortless as possible.

What about the Friho Brushed Nickel Faucet disappoints?

One issue that we spotted with the Friho is that though it’s very easy to install and use, it’s not all that easy to clean.

The bold yet minimalist and sophisticated design may be very appealing for any kitchen space, but it’s quite prone to watermarks and fingerprint smudges and maneuvering a cloth around it to clean it is not easy at all.

The brushed nickel finish does keep the faucet durable against both scratches and corrosion; however, when it comes to dealing with marks and smudges, it does seem to fall short of expectations.



  • One of the easiest to install and use faucets
  • Two in one – main faucet head and an extendable faucet head for versatile uses
  • Durable body which is chip as well as scratch proof
  • Bold, minimalist design will go perfectly with any modern kitchen space



  • Prone to a lot of watermarks and finger smudges
  • Is not easy to clean

Final Thoughts

A modern-day faucet which boasts both attractive design and high functionality is not all that easy to come by. However, the Friho brand of faucets not only breaks all expectations but is also a class apart from most other models out there in the market.

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