Project Source Chrome 2-Handle Low-Arc Kitchen Faucet Review

Kitchen faucets come in various shapes and sizes.

From the very basic which supports nothing but functionality and utility to the more stylistically inclined which boasts aesthetic appeal above everything else.

The Chrome Kitchen Faucet from Project Source falls somewhere in the middle.

The faucet is as elegant as it’s functional. Though a lot of customers might feel like it’s a very basic faucet set from the affordable price tag, believe us when we say that it’s anything but that.

The metallic shine and chrome polish make it a very attractive household appliance indeed. Moreover, this faucet effectively meets all the water flow guidelines as well, but it does that without compromising on its performance in any way.

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Project Source Kitchen Faucet Reviews 2022: Why should you buy it?

Functionality and Ease of use

project source faucet reviewsThis Project Source faucet comes with a two handle design thereby making it a very ergonomic kitchen appliance model. Not only are the handles made easy to use for adults, but for children and people with disabilities as well.

The faucet is designed to be ADA compliant, and this is precisely what makes it convenient for everyone to use.

One of its best features in our books is perhaps the 8 inches centerset faucet that comes with it. This side spray makes it practically effortless to clean out tough stains and food residue from utensils.

The high-arc faucet along with the sprayer generates a lot of water force that makes cleaning out larger pots and pans in the sink as hassle-free as possible.

The Project Source Chrome faucet comes with its own installation tools and guide, and is extremely easy to set up; you won’t even need the help of a professional. The tool kit comes with 1, 2, 3 or 4-hole sink installation options. So if you’re looking to either replace your existing faucet or putting up a new one in, setting up the Project Source will feel like a breeze.

Design, Durability, and Warranty

The Project Source kitchen faucet is indeed very aesthetically pleasing. Not only will it fit perfectly well in a modern kitchen space, but it will go seamlessly with a more traditional setup as well.

It’s also built to be extremely durable. Though the model might seem elegant at first, it’s surprisingly sturdy. Even if your water contains a lot of sediment or you put it through constant rough use, the faucet will not clog up nor will it show signs of wear.

The chrome gloss will shine for years while supporting a lifetime warranty to put all your worries to bed.

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User Safety

This faucet set is perhaps one of the safest and most environmentally-friendly models out there in the market. The Project Source meets all WaterSense criteria and helps to conserve water by reducing spillage and excess use without sacrificing performance.

It also meets the NSF low lead standards and keeps the water safe for use for you and your family.

There are many standard faucets in the market that have a lot of lead in their build. Not only does lead make the water flowing through it unsafe for consumption, but applying it externally can cause a lot of physiological problems as well.

What about the Project Source Chrome kitchen faucet that disappoints?

The first disadvantage that we noticed about this faucet model is the durability of the side sprayer. Though the primary faucet body is made to be quite durable, the sprayer is not.

With constant rough use, the sprayer will start to leak out of the trigger, and the faucet will accidentally start to leak more water than it conserves. You might have to change the sprayer periodically.

Even though it’s covered by a lifetime warranty, changing the sprayer every 6 months can indeed be inconvenient for many users.

Secondly, the chrome polish tends to smudge very easily. Oily, sweaty fingers can leave behind a lot of marks and prints too.



  • Pocket-friendly faucet which is as elegant as it’s durable
  • Comes with a convenient side sprayer to easily clean out large pots
  • Environment and user-friendly
  • Helps to conserve water
  • ADA compliant hence is easy to use even by people with disabilities



  • Chrome polish smudges easily
  • The side sprayer is not as durable as the faucet


If you’re looking for a very pocket-friendly faucet model that will house both style and functionality, then the Chrome kitchen faucet from Project Source is the thing to buy!

It’s easy to use and install, and comes with environment-friendly features which can be a must-have for every modern household.

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