Touchless Kitchen Faucet Reviews 2022

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Moen 7185ESRS Brantford Motionsense Two-Sensor Touchless One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet...
  • SPOT RESISTANT: Spot Resist Stainless finish resists fingerprints and water spots for a cleaner looking kitchen

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Touchless or motion-sensor faucets are hands down one of the greatest inventions ever, and we cannot be more grateful for them!

It has grandly put us out of the misery of turning the faucet with dirty hands every time we dipped them in chocolate fudge.

Motion-sensor kitchen faucets are, undoubtedly, the most hygienic ways to clean your dishes, vegetables, meat or even those dirty hands.

These are also extremely functional units that provide an immensely efficient and satisfying cleaning experience every time you place your hands under it without even touching it.

However, even if all of this sounds greatly appealing in every way, it can get real tricky to get just the right touchless kitchen faucet. This is because with more and more models being dispatched in the market, the quality of the products has also sustained a substantial setback in recent years.

But all hope is not lost since this is where we’ve decided to step in to save the day, with our complete buyer’s guide to touchless kitchen faucets!

So, wash your worries right down the drain and relax with the following read!

Touchless Faucet Reviews 2022


Moen Brantford
Single Handle Pull-Down
15.5 x 7.9 x 2.3 inches

Moen Align
Single Handle Pull-Down
22.5 x 10 x 2.1 inches

Kohler Malleco
Single Handle Pull-Down
28.5 x 12 x 4.5 inches

Glacier Bay Touchless
Single Handle Pull-Down
20 x 16 x 15 inches


Moen Brantford One-Handle High-Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet


  • Available in three color options
  • Power Spray technology for better cleaning
  • Pulldown Reflex technology and a 68-inch hose for those hard-to-reach crevices
  • Duralock system for easy installation
  • Two spray modes for flexibility
  • Beautiful fit and finish


  • The hose is weak and prone to cracking
  • Only one style available

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Moen Align One-Handle Spring Pulldown Kitchen Faucet


  • Duralock technology for easy installation
  • Reinforced hose for heavy duty
  • Available in three colors
  • Extended spout reach
  • Dual spray modes


  • Industrial aesthetic may not appeal to all
  • Only a single style available

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Kohler Malleco Touchless Pull-down Kitchen Faucet


  • DockNetik® magnetic docking system in the spout allows smooth gliding and secure locking of the spray head
  • Single lever handle and high-arch spout provide easy water flow control
  • Ceramic disc valves and durable metal build ensures long-lasting performance
  • It comes with the Kohler limited lifetime warranty


  • Replacing batteries at regular intervals can be inconvenient and expensive
  • Power AC Adapter has to be bought separately

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Glacier Bay Touchless Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet


  • Touchless, single-handle, dual-function spray head and high-arc pull-down spout are some of the best features of this faucet
  • Excellent design that looks stunning and is highly durable


  • The finish is elegant but challenging to maintain, and any scratches on the deck plate will be easily visible

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So what are touchless kitchen faucets exactly?

touchless kitchen faucet reviewsA touchless kitchen faucet is a sink faucet that you could turn on and off without having to touch the turning lever. Although it does come with a turning handle, it basically works with motion-sensors.

These are usually pull-down models that help you clean larger utensils and dishes as well as reaching down to the corners of your sink to clean out the gunk left behind after the dishes are done.

The major benefit to it is that you do not have to touch and soil the faucet itself and just get started with cleaning the dishes straight away!

How do these work?

A motion-sensor faucet possesses a sensor that notifies the solenoid to start the flow of water when it detects the proximity of your hand near it.

It signals the solenoid to stop after a set time period, say 3 minutes or so. These signals are sent through the fiber optic that is contained in the spout. Usually, the sensor and the solenoid are powered by batteries, but the more advanced designs could be run on other power sources too.

Although most of these faucets use a motion tracking sensor to work up the water flow, some might also use a tactile sensor where you have to touch the tap to get the water.

Things you should look out for when buying a touchless kitchen faucet

Sensor Accuracy

touchless faucet reviewsThe sensor in the touchless faucet is what enables it to be touchless, and that’s why it’s the most important thing to consider while buying one. An accurate sensor with perfect timing will go off starting the water as soon as you place your hand or a dish close to the base of the faucet or at the top of it.

The sensor will also efficiently turn off the faucet if it doesn’t detect any movement for a set period of time, thereby conserving a lot of water. It can get really annoying if you end up with a sensor that goes off at all the wrong times and not when you actually want it to.

Nobody likes to stand with their palms outstretched at a sink with a faucet that won’t start up a flow. Also, if it doesn’t stop automatically even when you want it to, then that might cause heavy loss of water.

Battery Consumption

Since the sensor and solenoid inside the faucet use batteries to power itself up, every model will differ in their amount of battery consumption. Usually, most touchless faucets need around 4 AA batteries to power themselves, but some models do run on 6 AA batteries at a time.

So, it’s always a better idea to go for a model that won’t require frequent battery changes or a constant power supply. While some may require a change of batteries every 2-3 months, some may run smoothly for 1-2 years, so why not go for the latter ones, right?

Docking System

best hands free kitchen faucetAs we’ve previously mentioned that most touchless kitchen faucets are pulldown models, and like all pulldowns, these come with a docking mechanism where you put the spray head back in after using it.

Most of the models come with easy automatic docking methods that guide the spray head, snapping it back into place. However, some manual methods of docking could make it an effort for you to pull the spray head out to place them back in their slots without wasting time.

It’s better to be on the safe side by opting for automatic docking so that you don’t have to worry about the spray head breaking or coming loose anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should we be checking regarding installation?

No matter whatever model of touchless kitchen faucet you go for, do consider getting one that allows easy installation. Most ornamental or hi-tech faucets like those having motion-sensors can be quite difficult to install on a pre-existing faucet slot. This might necessitate for more drilling or cutting the counters, causing damage to the kitchen counters.

Although it could be a bit difficult to find one with all the good looks and functions as well as easy installation methods, it’s pretty much achievable.

motion sensor kitchen faucet reviewsWhat kind of materials and finishes should one consider for a touchless faucet?

The overall material and finish of the faucet are as important as the other functions that will bring to your kitchen counter. Never go for cheap, plasticky material as they will certainly breakdown after a point of time.

Materials such as solid steel or brass will ensure durability and long-lasting performance. Although these could be a tad bit more expensive than regular cheaper buys, it would be worth the kind of money you pay for them.

Finishes are essential not only for the overall look and style but also for an immaculate touch and feel to the unit, helping you to easily clean it up.

You could either go for spot-resistant finishes that will repel water stains or fingerprints from its surface. Or could choose “special finish” editions that will open up a beautiful range of stunning finishes such as polished or matte blacks, chromes, or Venetian bronze for your faucet.

Why does the size of the faucet matter?

The size of the faucet you’re planning to get for your kitchen is a vital determinant. Pulldown faucets should allow you enough space for comfortably washing a significant number of dishes as well as the larger pots and pans.

The arc of the spot should also be taken into consideration regarding this matter. If you’re going for a motion-sensored pulldown, make sure that it has a standard height that allows efficient cleaning of your utensils as well as the sink.


So that was our buyers’ guide on touchless kitchen faucets and all the things that you should consider before buying one. Hope you liked our endeavor.

We’ll be back with more.

Till next time!

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