Hansgrohe Faucet Reviews 2022 – Ceaseless Innovation and Improvement

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hansgrohe kitchen faucet reviewsRotate, water, rotate back, no water. I am, indeed, talking about faucets!

Though underappreciated, they are solely responsible for channeling water through your rusty pipes to your sink, tub, bathroom floor and etc. in a beautiful, uninterrupted stream.

Can you imagine carrying your daily activities without them?

Neither can we, which is why we’re thinking of showing our kitchen some tender loving care and upgrading our tired old faucets.

Fortunately, Hansgrohe makes some beautiful value-for-money kitchen faucets that are sturdy, effective and reasonably priced.

So without any further ado, let’s learn a bit about the brand and review three of their top-of-the-line products.

About Hansgrohe

hansgrohe faucet reviews

Named after Hans Grohe, a German weaver-turned-metalworker, Hansgrohe was founded in 1901 as a toilet fixtures’ manufacturer.

The small three-person setup of yore has slowly but surely grown into the 3500-man strong toilet fixtures industry giant we know today, and we know it as a manufacturer of top-class products, though Hansgrohe should also be remembered for pioneering the hand-shower and the wall-bar.

Hansgrohe faucets come in a multitude of styles, some of them being Bar, HighArc, LowRider etc. and you can get them in one of two color finish options (chrome and steel optic). Their lineup comprises of the Focus, Metris, Logis, Talis and “M” series.

Hansgrohe faucets utilize the latest technology. ComfortZone technology utilizes a tall faucet design that offers maximum clearance for completing even the most cumbersome tasks with maximum ease.

AirPower is a yet another Hansgrohe invention which brings fun and lightness to your water while conserving water at the same time. Genius, we must say!

On the other hand, QuickClean technology consists of silicon-tipped spout heads which are a breeze to clean.

There a lot more Hansgrohe innovations out on the market and we can’t possibly talk about all of them, but the bottom line is they’re always thinking of how to improve the faucet while keeping it simple.

Anyway, that’s enough about Hansgrohe, let’s get on with the product reviews and see what they have to offer!

Hansgrohe Kitchen Faucet Reviews 2022


Single Handle Pull-Down
2.9 x 13.9 x 9 inches

Single Handle Pull-Out
2 x 10.1 x 8.8 inches

Single Handle Pull-Down
24 x 13.3 x 7.6 inches

Single Handle Pull-Down
24 x 13.5 x 7.8 inches


Allegro E Single-Hole 2-Spray Semi-Arc Faucet

The Allegro (Italian for energetic, lively, jubilant) is a quality product from Hansgrohe and is bound to add style and uniqueness to whichever kitchen it is installed in.

It is available in five styles: Bar, Gourmet, HighArc, LowRider and SemiArc, and two colors: Chrome and Steel Optic.

Measuring 13.6 inches in height, the Allegro is adequately but not as excessively tall as some newer faucets are (you can also opt for a different style to suit your convenience). It has a long 9-inch reach, meaning you won’t be rubbing against the sink walls every time you do the dishes.

We appreciated the durable solid brass construction which prevents rusting as well as the simple single control operation. It features a 150-degree swivel spout as well.

The Allegro has a claimed flow rate of 1.75 gallons per minute, and the water consumption rate is the same.

For peace of mind, the Allegro comes with a limited consumer lifetime warranty so that you can rest easy, knowing that Hansgrohe will own up if something is wrong your faucet.

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  • Beautiful fit and finish, looks elegant and perfect for a modern designer kitchen
  • Sprayhead has two modes: full and needle
  • Made of solid brass
  • Decent reach and well-judged height
  • Reach may not be to everyone’s liking or need

Talis S 2-Spray Prep Kitchen Faucet

The Talis S is yet another quality product from Hansgrohe. Like the Allegro, it comes in five different styles; Bar, HighArc, Lowrider, Prep and SemiArc, and two colors; Steel Optic and Chrome.

It comes with a pull-out spout for extended range, and just like the Allegro, the spout swivels for 150 degrees and comes with two spray modes: full and needle. The sprayhead is magnetic for easy installation and features QuickClean technology for easy cleaning.

When we were using it, we tried cleaning and found the process to be a breeze and we’re sure you’ll appreciate the feature.

The Talis is made of solid brass for rust-free operation and is sold with ⅜ inch connection hoses for easy installation. Moreover, it will easily install over multi-hole counter configurations with a baseplate so you won’t need to modify your countertop.

The flow rate and consumption rate remain the same at 1.75 GPM, and the product includes a limited consumer warranty.

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hansgrohe Talis S Easy Install Kitchen Faucet 1-Handle 9-inch Tall Pull Down Sprayer Wide Reach in...
  • SUPERIOR DESIGN: German design and engineering delivers optimal performance for all of your kitchen faucet needs

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  • Comes in five different styles and two color options
  • Uses a magnetic sprayhead and QuickClean technology
  • Brass construction prevents rusting
  • Can be easily installed over multi-hole counter configurations
  • Fit and finish not as good as the Allegro’s

Cento HighArc Kitchen Faucet

hansgrohe cento kitchen faucet reviewsThe last item on our list is the Cento HighArc Kitchen Faucet by Hansgrohe. It was originally exclusively made for Costco but is now offered to the general public, so you can walk into your local home store and get one right now!

Unlike the other two faucets, this faucet does not come in five different styles. Instead, it comes only in the HighArc style and the Steel Optic finish at a bargain price.

The Cento’s unique selling point is its incredibly long reach. At 20 inches, it is one of the longest-reaching faucets in the market and will surely cover even the largest of sinks.

The rest of the Cento is typical Hansgrohe fare. It features two spray modes: full and needle, the magnetic spout extends and can swivel to 150 degrees, and the sprayhead is coated with silicone for easy cleaning.

However, the Cento trumps the others when it comes to price. Even with the expensive Steel Optic finish, it is significantly cheaper than the others. It also comes with a baseplate which would be an expensive extra if you were to buy any other faucet.

Flow rate and water consumption rate remains the same at 1.75 GPM.

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Hansgrohe Cento HighArc Kitchen Faucet
18 Reviews
Hansgrohe Cento HighArc Kitchen Faucet
  • Solid Brass and Steel Optik Finish.

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  • Incredibly long reach
  • Very cheap and comes with a baseplate and the Steel Optic finish
  • Uses MagFit and QuickClean technology
  • Brass construction prevents rusting
  • Only one style available

Lacuna Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Sleek design

hansgrohe lacuna pull down kitchen faucet reviewsHansgrohe Lacuna is a multifunctional faucet with three different water flow options – stream for filling water, pause for stopping the water flow temporarily, and spray for rinsing purposes. This unit has a clean and straightforward design that draws the efficiency and attention of its elegance.

The design of this kitchen faucet can complement any kitchen sinks, mainly for its minimalist looks. Plus, the stainless steel exteriors are available in chrome and steel Optik finish, both of which deliver a luxurious experience.

Easy installation

If the instruction manual is followed correctly, you aren’t going to face any challenges related to the installation part. This faucet doesn’t just look startling but also has an uncomplicated installation process.

For a single hole connection, you need to align the mounting holes with the faucet and tighten the set using a screwdriver. You’ll not require more than 10 minutes to complete the installation.

However, the quick connect contains three water reducers that help to prevent water wastage. And if you aren’t satisfied with the water flow, you can unscrew the quick connect piece to push out the water reducers by using a screwdriver.

Simple to operate

The Lacuna pull down kitchen faucet has an exclusive single hand design that helps to control the water flow and temperature.

Furthermore, the updated mechanical retraction system with a functional click design makes it relatively easy to drag the hose out and attach it to the original space after use. It also comes with a 360-degree swivel that gives a hassle-free experience when you want to wash a sink that is filled with utensils or even clean the sink edges in general.


The very first thing that we consider while purchasing any product is its durability, and that’s mainly because we want to make a wise investment no matter how big or small it might be. In our opinion, this faucet can uphold its recital for many years to come, which eliminates the need to call a plumber for frequent repair or replacement work.

Moreover, the handle and faucet are very well built, and it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth to avoid water spots. You can also pull out the pinnacle nod to clean the farthest part of the hose without any challenges.

What could’ve been better?

Though the Lacuna is an incredible pull-down kitchen faucet, there is one downside that is worth mentioning; it’s the in-built water restrictors. We understand that it helps prevent the wastage of water, but it slows the water speed by a substantial amount. And the instruction manual doesn’t have it specified as to how should we unscrew or remove the restrictors.

But after watching a few videos and a little research about removing water restrictors, we managed to fix the issue. Other than this minor hindrance that can be fixed with a bit of effort, the faucet functions pretty flawlessly and it’s suitable for all kitchen sinks.

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hansgrohe Lacuna Kitchen Faucet 1-Handle 17-inch Tall Pull Down Sprayer in Chrome, 04749005
  • INCLUDED PARTS: The Lacuna kitchen faucet a 10-inch baseplate. If you previously had a 3-hole faucet installed, use this baseplate to cover any empty holes.

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  • Easy to operate and does not leak
  • Attractive, minimalist design with a sturdy construction
  • Convenient for all kitchen sinks
  • Value-added product
  • Many users have complained about the flow restrictors


Hansgrohe, an industry leader in bathroom fittings, has a lot of history behind it and is known for producing top-of-the-line products that are worthy of the “German Engineering” tag. All three faucets reviewed here are quality products and would complement your countertop perfectly.

We know you will appreciate the excellent fit and finish, the standardized specifications and features, and the fairly reasonable prices the same way we did!

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