Elkay Explore Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Review

elkay faucets reviewsEconomics and faucets go hand-in-hand.

How? Well, when the faucet was invented, some smart-aleck made a killing out of selling good ones, and the market is full of such smart-alecks before you know it.

Except they’re smarter because most of them are selling you poor-quality stuff at a price to make the eyes water.

To prevent you from getting scammed, we’re featuring one of the best and most value-for-money faucets, the Elkay Explore.

Without further ado, let’s tell you why we like the faucet so much, and what could’ve been better and our verdict!

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Elkay Faucets Reviews 2022: Why should you buy this product?


The Elkay Explore knows that dazzling its user at first glance makes all the difference.

That is why it comes in three beautiful finishes: Antique Steel, which is finished in a mature faded black and looks best in a classic-themed kitchen; Chrome, which is very shiny and belongs to a blingy kitchen; Lustrous Steel, which strikes a fine balance between shiny and understated.

All three finishes are of great quality and are not likely to fade, even when subjected to protracted use and abuse. Personally, our favorite is the Antique Steel finish, but you can’t go wrong no matter which finish you choose!


Elkay have adopted solid brass for the construction of the Explore, and even though it is an expensive material, the benefits are irresistible.

Solid brass is not prone to rust, which means that even after years upon years of use, the Explore will not look like it belongs in a haunted house. Moreover, solid brass is also beneficial for your health because unlike traditional materials like steel, solid brass does not “peel” off and mix with the water, thereby preventing damage to your health especially your skin.

Apart from the materials, all the protrusions and addendums to the Explore are well-fitted, and we are convinced when we say that the Explore is going to last long, despite the occasional ding-and-bang.


Next, we move on to the design of the Explore.

The Explore is designed in accordance with modern design trends. Starting with the spout, it is of uniform thickness throughout and follows the normal arc style.

The Explore utilizes a single lever for its operations, a thin stick-like lever mounted atop a bulbous base that strangely complements the overall minimalistic look of the Explore.

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Nowadays, people are more interested in the attachments that a product comes with rather than the actual product itself.

However, we’re not complaining, because this trend has led to a ton of innovations in almost every industry, and the Elkay Explore leads the charge of the faucet industry.

The Explore features a pull-down spray head that extends from the spout and makes cleaning and washing those hard-to-reach crevices a breeze. The spray head also features a pause button which prevents water from running unnecessarily. Apart from that, it features two other spray modes which are streaming and spraying.

Apart from the spray, the Explore features two aerators which can vary the flow rate of the Explore from 1.5 to 2.2 GPM. On top of that, all that water can be sprayed in any direction you like because the Explore features a 360-degree swivel range. This thing is loaded with features!

What could’ve been better?

While we like the design of the Explore, we find it hard to categorize it into any… well, style! Is it modern? Is it classic or traditional? While we do find ourselves leaning a bit towards the transitional-modern side, we’re not convinced it’s there yet.

This is a problem because kitchens and washrooms are usually designed with a theme in mind, and if the Elkay is a must in your kitchen, then you better pick the kitchen’s theme on the basis of the faucet and not the other way round!



  • The hand-drawn sprayer is useful
  • Two spray modes and a pause feature work well
  • Finishes are beautiful and of top quality
  • Faucet is built to last
  • Two aerators are convenient



  • Design is hard to categorize
  • Arc style may not be to everyone’s tastes


The faucet market has become saturated, and choosing a great faucet has become harder than ever.

With this in mind, we’ve featured the Elkay Explore here because it is one of the best kitchen faucets on the market. It is well-made, beautifully designed and finished and has a ton of features. We highly recommend this product.

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