Symmons Duro Two-Handle Centerset Bathroom Faucet Review

symmons faucets reviewsSymmons Industries have been manufacturing premier grade commercial as well as residential plumbing products for years now.

They have been known to produce a variety of reliable products (since their inception in 1939), which are not only durable but house a sort of delicate design which can liven up any living space.

Their Duro collection is one of the latest additions to their lineup and comes with a sophisticated design which is specifically inspired by modern architecture.

The Duro Centerset bathroom faucet is quite a fan favorite and is widely sought after for both private homes as well as five-star hotels.

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Symmons Faucets Reviews 2022: Why should you go for it?

The Design

Stylistically speaking, the Duro Centerset is perhaps one of the most uniquely designed home faucets that we have ever had the privilege of using. “Elegant yet bold” were the first adjectives that popped into our mind when we saw it. And we thought that this faucet is bound to make a resounding statement no matter where it’s installed.

The Duro Centerset has a mesmerizing geometric shape which is inspired by modern architecture. The design is incredibly clean and made to form precise rectangular blocks which create a rather minimalist look for any sophisticated, contemporary bathroom.

Build and Durability

The Duro Centerset comes primarily in two different build variants: polished chrome and satin nickel. The polished chrome is a glossier version of the faucet which supports a sort of a metallic shine on the surface and is perfect for those bathroom designs that are a bit gloomy and need something to brighten it up.

The satin nickel, on the other hand, is by far our favorite texture of choice, and its mellow appeal makes the faucet feel like it has a very sophisticated matt texture to it.

However, looking at these elegant designs, one would not take the Duro Centerset faucets to be all that durable in build. These were our thoughts in the beginning as well, but we’re quite surprised to find this faucet range to support much higher longevity than most other standard models in the market.

The Duro Centerset faucet is built to last for years. Even after days of rough use, we found the model to be working in perfect condition without any issues.

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Functionality and Installation

With a 4-inch mounting feature, the Duro Centerset is extremely easy to install. It even comes with its very own installation guide as well, and you will not be needing the aid of a professional to install this set.

The ceramic cartridges are washerless and help to conserve water in the long run. The metal drain assembly that comes with the set hardly ever needs any maintenance, and you will not have to clean it every now and then, which a lot of the other standard faucet sets require.

Even if your water supply has a lot of sediments in it, the nozzle of the Duro Centerset will not block up or get damaged. This is one feature which is quite unique to this set.

What about the Symmons Duro Faucet could have been better?

When it comes to the cons, one of the primary issues that we noticed was with smudging and cleaning.

The polished chrome version of the Duro Centerset faucet smudges a lot. If you have moist, oily fingers, then without a doubt you will be leaving behind a lot of prints on the glossy faucet surface.

The satin nickel version, on the other hand, has no smudging problem. However, it does have one issue in common with the chrome set, and that involves cleaning. Sure, the body structure and design of the faucet might be aesthetically pleasing, but it’s very hard to clean.

Sharp rectangular shapes are much harder to clean than rounded ones, so cleaning it out can indeed be an issue.



  • An elegant, minimalist and contemporary design which is perfect for modern bathrooms
  • Easy to install with hardly any maintenance issues
  • Can be used in homes with a lot of sediments in the water supply
  • Incredibly durable build and design



  • The chrome version is prone to smudging
  • The bold design is hard to clean


For modern bathrooms that require a faucet with a minimalist look and design, then the Duro Centerset can indeed be a perfect choice. It makes an elegant and bold style statement no matter where it’s installed.

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